How to Update Your iPhone

Updating your iPhone will allow you to benefit from Apple’s latest iOS enhancements and features, as well as make your device more compatible with the newest apps from iTunes App Store. You can either update your iPhone wirelessly using over-the-air updates, or install the latest updates using iTunes. Updating Wirelessly Back up and save your … Read more

How to Reset Location and Privacy Settings on an iPhone

This minHour teaches you how to restore your original location and privacy settings on an iPhone or iPad. When you restore your original settings, all the permissions that apps use to keep track of your device’s location and provide services like weather and GPS will be revoked. Once you perform a location and privacy settings … Read more

How to Pair a Bluetooth Device with an iPhone

This minHour teaches you how to connect your Bluetooth headset, speaker, wearable, or any other accessory with your iPhone. You’ll also learn some simple troubleshooting tips in case something doesn’t go as planned. Pairing with an iPhone Turn on the Bluetooth accessory. Make sure your Bluetooth accessory is fully charged and turned on before attempting … Read more

How to Clear All Voicemails on an iPhone Permanently

Are your friends and family complaining that they can’t leave you voicemail because your voice mailbox is full? It’s time to clear out your iPhone’s voicemail! If your mobile provider supports your iPhone’s built-in visual voicemail feature, it’s easy to delete all of your messages permanently. If not, don’t worry—you can still clear your voicemail … Read more

How to Make Calls Go Directly to Voicemail on iPhone or iPad

This minHour teaches you how to automatically forward all incoming calls to voicemail on your iPhone. The fastest way to do this is to use airplane mode or Do Not Disturb mode, both of which are available in your iPhone’s Control Center. Alternatively, you can opt to send all unknown callers to voicemail while continuing … Read more