How to Take a Headshot with an iPhone

A headshot is a professional picture that you normally take with a professional photographer or camera. However, if you have an iPhone or good quality phone, you can still get professional results without the extra frills and fees associated with professional photographers. This minHour will show you how to get a good headshot on an iPhone.


Enable “Portrait Mode.

You’ll be able to find this on the horizontal menu near the bottom of your screen.

Have a friend or use a tripod to take a steady picture.

If you’re holding the phone, you are limited in how far away you are from the camera and you could capture shaky or blurry pictures.

  • You want the picture to be taken from chin-height and capturing more than just your face.
  • If you have a friend take your picture, you have someone to give you instant criticism and help you get the best angles.

Take advantage of natural light.

Overhead lights, fluorescent bulbs, and dark corners are unflattering to you, so you will either want to go outside or sit in soft artificial light.

  • But be careful, too much sun can make you squint and ruin your perfect headshot.
  • With most modern iPhones and portrait mode, you can change how the lighting affects the focus of the picture by tapping through the lighting effects.

Use a simple background.

If you’re taking a picture outside, you’ll want to use a simple background, like a brick wall. If you’re inside, consider posing in front of a blank wall.

  • Avoid sign posts, telephone poles, or wires in your picture.
  • Portrait mode slightly blurs the background so it’s out of focus, so a solid or lightly patterned backdrop will make this effect more dramatic.

Take lots of pictures.

If you’re not one for taking pictures, you’ll most likely look a little awkward in the first few images, but you should look more natural as the photo shoot progresses.

  • If you look at the first few photos and realize you don’t like an element, like the background, change it.
  • Your aim here is to capture a professional image of you that is easily recognizable.

Try different poses and smiles.

Arms crossed and head tilted to the left? Try taking some pictures where your arms are in your lap and your head is straight. A different pose might feel more natural to you and come across that way in the picture.

  • Try to look friendly, happy, and approachable in your headshot.

Look directly at the camera but don’t sit facing the camera.

Eye contact is an important element of headshots, but squarely facing the camera is rarely appealing.

  • Try sitting so your body is pointing to the left or right of the camera, but turn your face and eyes so you can make eye contact.

Watch what you’re wearing.

Depending on your career aspirations, your dress attire will differ. For example, you wouldn’t want to wear a tee-shirt in your headshot if you’re aspiring to work for a legal firm.

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