How to Find & Clear Your Google History for All Devices

You can delete single search history results from the autocomplete list on the Google search page. If you need to clear out a lot or all of your search history, you can use the Google My Activity page. Clearing your Google Search history will only remove items that you've typed into the Google Search box. If you need to delete your web browsing history, see Delete Browsing History.

Clearing Your History

Open your web browser.

You can do this from your computer or mobile device.

Type into the address bar.

Sign in with your Google account.

Even if you’re already signed in, you’ll likely be asked for your password again. Sign in with the account that you want to delete the entire search history for.

Click or tap the ⁝ button.

This can be found in the upper-left corner. In larger browser windows, the menu will be open automatically.

Click or tap Delete activity by.

Click or tap the Today menu.

This will let you change how much search history will be deleted.

Click or tap All time.

Click or tap the All products menu.

Scroll down and click or tap Search.

This will ensure that only your search history is deleted.

Click or tap Delete.

After confirming, your entire Google Search history for that Google account will be deleted.

  • You can delete specific items instead of your whole history by tapping or clicking the ⋮ button next to an item in your “Item view” list and selecting “Delete.”

Deleting One Item

Open a web browser.

Open the web browser on your computer or mobile device.

Visit the Google website.

Enter into the browser’s address bar.

Click or tap the Sign In button if you aren’t signed in.

Sign in with the Google account that the search entry is associated with.

  • Previous searches will only appear if you are signed into Google.

Start typing the entry you want to delete.

Look for the previous search entry.

It will be purple instead of black.

  • Note: The black results are autocomplete results based on common or popular searches. They cannot be deleted and have no bearing on your local search history.

Click the Remove link or tap the X next to the entry.

This will delete the search from your Web History.

  • On mobile devices, you’ll need to tap “OK” in the pop-up that appears to confirm.


  • Google Search History only tracks searches made through Google Search. Clearing it is not the same thing as deleting your browser’s web browsing history.
  • If you wish to pause Google’s activity storing function after clearing your search history, you can turn off Google Web and App activity.


  • Though your search history will be unavailable to you, it will still exist on Google servers “in perpetuity.” This means that, given a court order, they could (and no doubt would) release your history to law enforcement.
  • Clearing your search history is irreversible.

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