What is the standard length and width of the sofa

The length of the three person sofa is 175 to 196 cm, the two person sofa is 126 to 150 cm, and the single person sofa is 80 to 95 cm. The sofa is divided into single, double, three and four people. The general size range is based on the size of the living room. In addition, the sofa can be placed in a straight line or L-shape. If it is placed in a straight line, it can be the same as the length of the living room. If it is L-shape, you should measure the size of the short corner to prevent pedestrians from obstructing the walkway.


What is the general length of the sofa

The design size of the formal three person sofa is 2400mm * 1190mm * 980mm. The size of the three person sofa is 1750-1960mm in length and 800-900mm in depth. If your living room space is large, it is recommended that you buy European style sofas. The European style sofas are designed in a more atmospheric way, so they take up more space. If you are a small family, you should be careful when choosing European style furniture. You should pay attention to the size of the sofa before you can make the living room layout small and moderate.

The size of two person sofa: 1580mm * 850mm * 820mm. The size of sofa is the size of double person sofa. The size of general double person sofa is: length: 1260-1500mm; Depth: 800-900mm. The seat height of the sofa is generally 400mm, which is almost equal to the tea table in the living room. In this way, the seat is more scientific and reasonable. It looks spacious when matched with the furniture in the living room.

Size of single sofa: 1300mm * 1020mm * 1000mm. The size of the single sofa. The general size of the single sofa is: length: 800-950mm, depth: 850-900mm; Seat height: 350-420 mm; Back height: 700-900mm. European style furniture is generally atmospheric, occupying, and suitable for large family. The comfort of the armchair is very important. The armrests of the armchair are generally 560-600mm high. Sofas should be soft and hard, and sofas that are too hard or soft will suffer from backache.

How to choose the right sofa?

  • Choose according to your home style

The sofa is a large household furniture, which is also the most attractive furniture after entering the home. At the same time, the layout of the sofa area is also the main element of the living room temperament. If the sofa itself and the entire home style are incompatible, then the sofa style can not be purchased no matter how beautiful it is.

  • Fabric sofa feel

Nowadays, many young people like simplicity, and the fabric sofa is also the choice of many families, and the price is relatively moderate. When choosing the fabric sofa, you can try to touch it with bare arms, or sit down to see if it is comfortable, and then see if it is flexible and powerful.

  • Wood sofa, see the material

Wooden sofa is a tradition in China, and it is also very popular with the general population. When selecting wooden sofa, in order to ensure health and save cleaning time, we need to pay attention to check whether the material of wooden sofa is environmentally friendly, whether there is damage or scratch, which affects the beauty, so as to prolong the service life of the sofa.

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