Why the water purifier does not make water

Filter element clogging: Now the water quality of tap water is getting worse and worse. If the pipeline is repaired again, the filter element must be blocked. For rural groundwater, the service life of filter element is shorter. Therefore, after a period of use, it is necessary to actively replace the filter element.

The transformer is faulty: if the voltage required for normal pressurization of the pump cannot be provided, the speed will be slow, the increased pressure will be small, and the pressurization will be small, so the pressure required for tap water to pass through the RO membrane cannot be reached, and the water production will be slow at this time. It is necessary to try a new transformer.

Low temperature: the water production rate of RO membrane is greatly related to temperature. The heat shall not exceed 45 ° C and the temperature shall not be lower than 5 ° C. The best temperature is 25 ℃. The water yield will be reduced by 3% for every 1 degree reduction based on 25 degrees. Therefore, the water making speed in winter is generally reduced by half or even more than that in summer.

Water purifier

How to choose household water purifier?

  • It depends on the type of water purifier

At present, domestic water purifiers can be divided into many types in terms of water supply, including general water purifiers, household central water purifiers, hot and cold water drinking machines, automatic water vending machines, etc. In addition, from the appearance, it can also be divided into many types, such as faucet type water purifier, bench type water purifier, floor type water purifier, wall mounted water purifier, and pipe type water purifier. The specific type of water purifier should be selected according to your own preferences.

  • It depends on the quality of the water purifier

The household water purifier is mainly composed of filter materials, adsorption materials, sterilization materials, etc. Early water purifiers were only composed of activated carbon and ordinary non-woven filter materials; Modern water purifiers are often composed of a variety of materials, and their water purification functions and effects are also good. Activated carbon can adsorb and remove organic matter, colloid, chroma, odor, residual chlorine, etc. in water, so it is the most widely used material in water purifiers.

  • It depends on the production process and function

Simple water purifiers are often PPcotton+activated carbon, and some also add some cheap mineralized balls to fool users. The water purifier with reverse osmosis membrane has the highest effluent quality, which can meet the highest standard of water purifier specified by the Ministry of Health.

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