How many degrees is the refrigerator adjusted properly

The outdoor temperature is high in summer, and the temperature control can be adjusted to 4-5 gear; The ambient temperature is low in winter, and the temperature can be adjusted to 2-3; In spring and autumn, the temperature can be adjusted to 3-4 gears. Normally, the higher the gear is, the more power is consumed. Because the operation time will be longer, the gear should be adjusted according to the season.


How to adjust the temperature of the refrigerator?

At present, most of the temperature regulators of household refrigerators on the market are usually installed in the refrigeration room. The temperature regulation grades are divided into eight grades from 0 to 7. The higher the value, the lower the temperature of the refrigerator. Accordingly, the better the refrigeration effect of household refrigerators is. The refrigerator in gear 0 will enter the standby state, the compressor will not work, and the refrigerator in gear 7 will enter the efficient refrigeration state, and the temperature in the refrigerator freezer will drop to the lowest. When adjusting the temperature, you only need to open the door of the refrigerator freezer, turn the temperature setting pulley or the button to adjust the temperature, which is very convenient.

It should be reminded that when setting the temperature of the household refrigerator, it should not be too high or too low. If the temperature of the refrigerator is set too low, it is easy to freeze the food into ice. It will be troublesome to take it out again for consumption. It will not only require re icing the food, but also greatly increase the power consumption of the refrigerator. If the temperature of the refrigerator is set too high and can not achieve good fresh-keeping and freezing effect, it is usually the best to set the temperature of the refrigerator freezer at about – 18 ℃. In this way, the problem of freezing and frosting will not easily occur inside the refrigerator, and its energy efficiency can be maximized. The temperature of the refrigerator can effectively fresh-keeping food when it is set between 0 ℃ and 10 ℃.

How to use refrigerators in winter?

If the refrigerator is not used in winter, its service life will indeed be reduced. Because the plastic in the refrigerator liner is easier to age at room temperature (after power failure) than at low temperature, continuous use can slow down the aging phenomenon and relatively extend the life of the refrigerator; In addition, if the refrigerator is not used when it is shut down, the unused Freon in the refrigerator will directly corrode the refrigerator pipes, causing internal leakage in the refrigerator, which will lead to “major surgery”. From the perspective of hygiene, although the temperature is relatively low in winter, it is not stable enough, and the fresh-keeping effect is not as good as that of refrigerators. In addition, the power consumption of the refrigerator in winter is only 1/3 of that in summer. If the refrigerator breaks down due to saving this power, it will not pay off.

In addition, the volume of food stored in the refrigerator should be 60%~70%, and excessive food storage is not conducive to the cold air circulation. Generally, when the frost layer is 5 mm thick, it should be removed. Frost is a poor conductor of heat, covering the surface of the evaporator, affecting the heat exchange between the evaporator and the food in the box, making the temperature in the box not lower, reducing the refrigeration performance of the refrigerator, increasing the power consumption, and even making the compressor burn out after a long time of operation. Do not use sharp knives for defrosting. After turning off the machine for defrosting, wipe the refrigerator from inside to outside with a clean rag.

How to choose a refrigerator?

  • Select the appropriate size

When choosing refrigerators, the size should be combined with the size of the house and the number of families. Household refrigerators should have an average volume of about 50 litres per person.

  • Choose energy-saving refrigerator

Energy saving refrigerators have better thermal insulation performance and less power consumption than other refrigerators, so try to choose energy-saving refrigerators when purchasing refrigerators. In addition, the refrigerator on the freezer can save 10-15% of the electricity compared with the double door refrigerator. The energy-saving refrigerator can save electricity and money at home, but also reduce the carbon dioxide emissions.

  • Check quality

When buying a refrigerator, check the box carefully to see if it is damaged. Then check the surface coating for bubbles and scratches. Since the electroplated parts of the refrigerator should be bright and fine, there will be no peeling or embroidering.

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