How to distinguish between rent and lease

  • Economic difference: leasing is to provide self owned assets to foreign parties for use with compensation, and economic benefits will flow in; Leasing refers to the paid leasing of assets that are not owned by the foreign party, which will result in outflow of economic utilization.
  • Time difference: rental time is generally short-term, only a few hours, days or weeks; Leasing is generally for a long period of time.
  • Item difference: most of the leased items are special equipment needed by enterprises for production or machinery and equipment that are expensive and need to be used for a long time. Rental items are mainly general items, such as daily necessities, occasionally used construction machinery, etc.
  • Management difference: as the leased objects are short-term leases, the lessor is solely responsible for the maintenance, care and management of such objects; Leased items, such as financial leases, should be borne by the lessee due to long-term lease.

What’s the difference between monthly rent and full rent?

First, the nature of lease is different. Monthly rent refers to the time of renting a house, which is calculated by renting it for one month; The whole lease refers to renting the whole house or apartment to one person.

Second, the rent is different. The monthly rent is calculated according to the residence time; The whole lease needs to be calculated according to the area and lease time.

Third, the leasing methods are different. The monthly rent is mainly based on the time interval; The whole lease is mainly based on the area.

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