Whether the latex pillow should be exposed to the sun

It is not recommended to take out the latex pillow and expose it to the sun. Natural latex needs good maintenance. Generally, you only need to tap gently to make the things on it clean. Of course, it can also be washed with water. After washing, it can be dried with an electric fan.

Latex pillow

What is latex pillow?

The latex pillow is made of the juice of rubber tree. The 100% pure natural latex pillow is made of the juice through the whole physical process. The main processes can be simply divided into “collection – mold making – baking – water passing”. The pure natural latex pillow has the effect of anti mite and bacteriostasis due to the juice of rubber tree. At present, latex pillows mainly have Dunlop process and Taralay production process. Because of their respective honeycomb pore process, latex pillows are more breathable than other pillows.

Latex is a very environment-friendly material. Medical gloves, condoms and astronaut gloves for space walk are all produced from raw materials.

How to use latex pillow?

Latex pillows bought are generally vacuum packed. Remember to store them in vacuum bags for more than six months.

Latex pillows that have just opened the vacuum package will have a little smell, which is due to the swelling of the latex volume and the instant release of the smell, which is normal. It is recommended that you open the package and place the product in a ventilated and cool place for 24 hours, so the smell will fade.

Those who are sensitive to smell are not recommended to sleep immediately, open the pillow case and expose the pillow core in a shady and ventilated place for 2-3 days! It must be a sunny and ventilated room! Some people’s bedrooms are not well lit. If the sun shines directly on the pillow from morning to night, it will not only not dissipate the smell, but also increase the volatility of the original latex smell, which will also accelerate the oxidation of the pillow.

For high and low style latex pillows, it is generally recommended to sleep at the high end. The raised latex can perfectly lift the neck, release the pressure on the neck, and relax the cervical spine. If you are used to sleeping on a low pillow, you can sleep on the low end first, and then sleep on the high end after getting used to it.

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