How high is the kitchen shelf above the ground

The installation height of the kitchen shelf is generally about 1.8m above the ground.

The storage rack of parallel bars can be installed on the open wall in the center. When installed separately, it can be about 1.5 meters from the ground; The horizontal bar kitchen shelf type can be installed on the open wall in the center, about 1.5 meters from the ground.

Of course, the specific height of the kitchen shelf should be selected according to the height of the owner and the decoration pattern of the kitchen.

Kitchen shelf

Standard for kitchen shelves

  • Start with materials

The material of the kitchen shelf determines its service life and quality. Generally speaking, it is better to use 304 stainless steel as the standard for purchasing kitchen shelves. Because the kitchen shelves have been in contact with water, vinegar, alkali and other substances for a long time, the stainless steel kitchen shelves can prevent rust, and have certain acid resistance (to prevent vinegar from accidentally dripping on them to corrode the shelves) and alkali resistance. It is convenient to clean, just wipe with a soft cloth, and we will use it for a long time.

  • Capacity based on demand

The standard for buying a kitchen shelf is not that the bigger the better. The kitchen shelf is not a storage shelf either. Its capacity depends on the population of the family or the size of the kitchen storage space. The two are inversely proportional. Sometimes the kitchen shelf is just for some spices and knives, so it doesn’t need to be too big.

  • Easy to disassemble

In the kitchen, there are different kinds of tableware, such as chopsticks, cups, plates, and bowls, which use different accessories. If the kitchen shelf can be disassembled at will and installed conveniently, it can meet our different needs.

  • Hanging and standing

The items with handles, such as spatulas and spoons, are not suitable for placement. For these special tableware, it is more appropriate to choose a dish rack that can be hung.

  • Deepen disc holder

When selecting kitchen shelves, we should pay a little attention to the parts of dish shelves. It is recommended to choose deeper ones as the standard for purchasing kitchen shelves, so that dishes are not easy to slip off and can be used at ease. Some storage shelves are shallow, and if you put down the dishes with water, they are easy to slide down, causing damage.

What are the installation points of the kitchen shelf?

  • Rationality should be considered when installing kitchen shelves

Rationality here means that the kitchen shelves need to be placed reasonably. Not every kitchen appliance used in the kitchen will be used every day. The ones that are used more should be placed where they can be easily obtained. For example, kitchen appliances such as knives and chopping boards need to be used almost every time when cooking. If they are placed on the innermost layer of the shelf, it will cause inconvenient consequences when using them.

If the shelf is equipped with infrequent appliances, such as the small grinding block for sharpening a knife, which is not used frequently, it can be placed in a small corner of the kitchen, which does not occupy space and can also make the environment clean.

  • Functional classification shall be considered when installing kitchen shelves

The installation of the kitchen shelf itself is to store the kitchen utensils. When installing the kitchen shelf, you should also consider the classification of the kitchen utensils for easy use.

The knife rack should be placed in the corner of the kitchen, because the knife is sharp and hard to touch in the corner to avoid injury, while the shelf for placing dishes can be placed near the dishwashing table, which is convenient for draining after washing dishes and taking them after frying.

The storage rack of the seasoning bottle can be placed beside the fried vegetables, which is convenient to take when using.

However, it should be noted that both the knife shelf and the dish shelf need to be installed very firmly to avoid damage caused by instability.

  • Consider whether the space for installing kitchen shelves is reasonable

The purpose of installing kitchen shelves is to save space in the kitchen and store various kitchen appliances to avoid crowding caused by too many kitchen appliances.

When the space in the kitchen is small, we can consider starting from the wall when installing shelves. Wall mounted shelves can also be installed in the empty space of the cabinet. It is unnecessary to install shelves on the kitchen table.

The kitchen shelf is generally divided into: multi-functional shelf, wall mounted shelf and floor mounted shelf.

Multi functional shelves and wall mounted shelves are suitable for kitchens with small space, and wall mounted shelves must be stable during installation to avoid falling off; Floor type shelves are suitable for kitchens with large space. Kitchen appliances such as large ovens and microwave ovens can be placed on floor type shelves.

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