How long can I stay after painting the wall

Check in after 7 to 30 days of ventilation. Generally speaking, the wall paint can be dried to form a film in about 7 days after construction, which means that the volatile organic matter will stop after 7 days. However, if there are children or pregnant women, it is better to stay in after 1 month of ventilation. In addition, after the last process of wall paint is completed, ventilation and drying should be carried out in a timely manner, and indoor pollution mostly comes from composite plates, composite floors, adhesives, wood paint, etc. used in the decoration process.

Brush wall paint

How long can the old wall be whitewashed?

The indoor air quality does not all depend on the factors of decoration. In some cases, after the last process of wall painting is completed and the ventilation is good, you can move in after 3 days. In particular, the unsafe factors referred to by the pollution source mainly come from the composite plates used in the decoration process, as well as composite floors and various glues, and wood paint, etc. Generally speaking, the wall paint can be dried and filmed in about 2 days after construction, which means that the volatile organic matter will stop after 2 days. However, if there are children, it is better to ventilate for a month before moving in.

The wall paint that has just been painted on the house is used to live in it. Formaldehyde is mainly harmful to people’s bodies. Therefore, when the old house is renovated, it needs to be ventilated to let the air flow. You can also put some plants in the room, such as aloe, chlorophytum comosum, cactus and cactus.

If the ventilation effect of the house is poor, the diluted carbon dioxide and formaldehyde will have some chemical reaction with the composition of the latex paint, and then cause the wall to turn yellow. Therefore, to strengthen the ventilation effect in the house, the doors and windows need more convection and ventilation. If the effect is not good, electric fans can be used for assistance.

What are the methods of whitewashing the old wall?

Before you paint the wall, you must shovel the wall. If you don’t, you will not see anything in three or two years, and there may be no problem; It must be much better to shovel it, because our wall covering is a mixture of gypsum, white cement and other materials. We need to apply putty on it and glue it (of course, glue is not environmentally friendly). Even if we put glue on it, it is not as solid as removing the wall covering.

Selection of emulsion paint: open the paint bucket, smell the smell, check the status, stir it, lift it to see the wire drawing, rub it with your fingers to feel the following (fineness, viscosity), and finally apply a piece of special hard paper. If the flexibility of the paint is good, the taste is not big, and the hard surface is delicate, it is a higher quality latex paint.

Painting: the last step of the renovation of the old wall is the most intuitive finishing paint construction. During the construction, pay attention to the color difference. Don’t add too much water in the paint bucket, which will cause the traces of water droplets flowing on the brush.

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