What pipes are used for hot water pipes

Ppr pipe: this kind of pipe is safe and non-toxic, and its performance is stable, and it also has very good thermal insulation effect, which can be used as both cold water pipe and hot water pipe.

Bellows: generally made of stainless steel, with good low temperature and high temperature resistance, are widely used for the connection of water heaters, toilets and other equipment.

water pipes

What branch is the domestic water pipe?

If it is a cold water pipe, select 6 branch pipes with a diameter of 25mm; If it is a hot water pipe, select 4 branch pipes with a diameter of 20 mm. Generally, there are two kinds of domestic water pipes: 4 branch pipes and 6 branch pipes. The inner diameter of 4 branch pipes is 15 mm and the outer diameter is 20 mm; The internal diameter of branch 6 is 20 mm and the external diameter is 25 mm. In addition, the best material for water pipe is ppr pipe, which is a new type of material. The interface and water pipe are not easy to leak, and the material quality is very good.

How to select the pipe material?

  • PPR pipe material

PP-R water supply pipe is the mainstream product at present, and this product is also made of a better material. It is also relatively safe to use. At the same time, it has a 50-year warranty.

  • PVC pipe material

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic pipe is also a modern synthetic material pipe. Relatively few people use this kind of water pipe. Generally speaking, because its strength is far from suitable for the pressure bearing requirements of water pipes, it is rarely used in water pipes. In most cases, this kind of pipe is suitable for electric wire pipes and sewage pipes.

  • Copper tube

The cost of this kind of pipe is quite expensive, which can not be used by the general population. The price of this kind of pipe is also relatively high, and it also has sterilization and bacteriostasis, and good sanitary performance. The thermal conductivity is lower than that of copper pipe, and it has excellent thermal insulation performance, so it is more suitable for high-end residential buildings.

  • Stainless steel pipe material

This is also a very good product. Unfortunately, the material will be harder, and the price is relatively high. This means that bai is easy to cause processing inconvenience, damage, and high waste probability. Therefore, this kind of pipe is relatively rare in the process of use and processing.

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