Is there formaldehyde in the latex mattress

Generally, pure natural latex mattresses do not need to be glued if they are integrally formed, so they certainly cannot contain formaldehyde.

The latex mattresses that need to be compounded need latex glue to bond, which depends on the production of various manufacturers. If the glue is made of pure natural latex, it will not contain formaldehyde.

latex mattress

Does latex mattress contain formaldehyde?

The latex mattress has more contact area with the human body than the ordinary mattress. It fully fits the human body curve, disperses the weight bearing capacity of the human body, and has the function of correcting the poor sleeping posture. It gives the sleepers better sleep and enjoys the reputation of “massage master”. The real latex mattress is natural and environmentally friendly, and has no irritating effect on human body, let alone formaldehyde. But for the latex mattress that is already emitting odor, it means that the mattress is unqualified and cannot be used. Friends should not be greedy for cheap. Because of the temporary price, they chose the latex mattress containing formaldehyde, and try to choose the mattress produced by regular manufacturers to purchase, which is more secure.

The real latex mattress has flavor, mainly a light milk flavor. The smell of this natural latex itself is completely harmless to the body and can help the body sleep better. However, synthetic latex or latex produced by chemical factory itself has a chemical smell, which is very pungent. Generally, the pungent smell of chemicals is covered by adding spices, but it is still easy to distinguish.

During the production process of natural latex mattresses, latex deodorant will also be added to the latex through special chemical action. Low dosage will also have a taste, which can dissipate in a few days, but it does not rule out the possibility of shipping just after production. In this case, the smell can fade in a few days. If it still has a pungent smell after long-term use, don’t be afraid. We can put it in a place where it can be exposed to the sun and the air vent, and the smell can fade in a few days.

How can latex mattresses distinguish true from false?

  • colour

To distinguish the authenticity of latex mattresses, you can first observe their color. The color of the real latex mattress is actually light yellow milky white, not pure white, so it often appears as warm color instead of cold white, pale and dark white.

  • weight

After checking the color, you can feel the weight of the latex mattress. If the latex content is high, the density of the mattress will also be greater, and the quality will naturally increase. If the latex mattress feels heavy when dragged, it is more likely to be “real latex”. If the texture is light, it is likely to be fake latex.

  • taste

The natural latex taste is not unpleasant, but it is not a pleasant smell. Generally, it will have a trace of frankincense as a normal natural latex product. If the latex mattress emits an intolerable pungent smell, it is likely to belong to synthetic latex and is not recommended to buy. Of course, it is also important to note that some manufacturers will add essence when producing fake latex mattresses in order to confuse the first feelings of consumers. It is also necessary to distinguish carefully when purchasing.

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