How wide is the bedroom door

Generally, the width of the bedroom door is 0.8 to 0.9 m, and the height is not less than 2 m, otherwise there is a sense of emptiness. If you need modeling, ventilation and lighting, you can add a waist window on the door, and its height is from 0.4 m, but it should not be too high.

the bedroom door

Size of interior door

  • Width of door

Generally, the width of the room door is 0.8-0.9m, the kitchen door is about 0.8m, and the bathroom door is 0.7-0.8m. Due to the consideration of the moving in of modern furniture, the upper limit size is mostly taken today. The door width of public buildings is generally 1 m for single door and 1.2-1.8 m for double door. The width of the door leaf should be considered. The width of the door leaf for double or multiple doors should be 0.6-1.0 m. The standard size of the door is generally 2100 mm high * 900 mm wide * 240 mm thick.

  • Gate size

The gate generally refers to the entrance door, which is the first door to enter the living room. The gate is also known as the “facade”. It stresses the atmosphere and gives the impression of being generous and decent. The size of the gate is generally designed to be 950 wide × High 2050 × 90 thick (in mm) or 950 wide × High 2050 × The thickness is 220 (unit: mm). Only when such a door is designed can it give a sense of atmosphere, which can show the life taste and attitude of the head of household.

  • Bedroom door size

Before understanding the size of bedroom door, we should clearly know that bedroom door is usually divided into standard and non-standard dimensions. The standard dimension is usually used for the process of finished door and finished door pocket. The construction process is to determine the base of door pocket according to the size of the door; Non-standard size is to make the door jamb first, and determine the door according to the size of the door jamb. The size of the standard bedroom door can be suggested to be 800 wide × The height is 2000 (unit: mm). If the bedroom door chooses to leave holes to cover the door pocket, the size is 860 wide × Height 2300 (unit: mm). The non-standard size can be determined according to the size of the door pocket.

  • Kitchen door size

For now, there are more sliding doors for kitchen doors. You can choose one-way sliding or two-way sliding. If the kitchen sliding door is selected as one-way sliding door, the size can be designed in the width of 700~800mm. Because the size of refrigerator and household appliances is already 600mm wide, the one-way sliding door is required to consider the access of household appliances. As for the two-way sliding door, the total width of the door can be selected from three ranges of 1400mm, 1800mm and 2000mm.

  • Toilet door size

You may not pay too much attention to the bathroom door. Generally, the bathroom door has three dimensions: 1900mm, 2000mm and 2100mm in height, and 800mm and 900mm in width. However, I personally think it should be calculated from the total area of the bathroom. If the bathroom is relatively large, the bathroom door can be considered to be larger, If the bathroom space is small, it is natural to design a smaller door.

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