What is the material of mattress 3d fiber?

Mattress 3d fiber is a polyester material, known as modified polyester functional fiber, which is a new pure fabric material with good air permeability, elasticity and support. The top and bottom of the 3d mattress are generally mesh, so the six sides are very breathable, while the middle is made of polyester fiber and is equipped with a three-dimensional structure to keep the interior ventilated, so that users can always lie on a dry and comfortable mattress for rest. 3d mattresses are generally washable, ventilated and breathable, and can also fit the human body well, playing a good pressure relief effect.


How to choose a 3d mattress?

  • Environmental protection:

The environmental protection performance of the mattress is very important, because every night the mattress is in close contact with us. If you sleep on the mattress, it will also emit harmful gas, and if you breathe it into your body, it will cause various symptoms and functional disorders of various organs in the long run. The strong breathability and water washing features of 3D mattress ensure its environmental protection and hygiene performance.

  • Sleeping sensation:

A mattress suitable for yourself and your family is the basis of sleep. There is no doubt that whether it is a hard board, kang, cotton mattress, spring mattress, brown mattress, latex mattress, or various mattresses, what is suitable for you is good. There is no absolute good or bad, only what is suitable or not.

  • Fit:

The human spine is in an anti “S” shape. If the mattress is not close to the body, some parts of the body will be suspended, which is easy to lead to deformation of the spine. In severe cases, it will suffer from lumbar disc herniation, lumbar muscle strain, bone hyperplasia and other lumbar diseases. The 3D mattress is completely designed in seven areas according to ergonomics, which conforms to the curve of the human body and completely fits your body. It is hard but not stiff, soft but not collapsed, and protects the spine of the human body wholeheartedly.

Will the 3d mattress collapse after sleeping for several years?

The 3D mattress will collapse, which is its biggest defect at present.

Although 3D health care mattress has advantages over ordinary mattress, the high price of this kind of mattress is an unchangeable disadvantage. Secondly, the service life of the mattress is not long, and the support performance of 3D materials inside the mattress will be deformed and collapsed with the increase of service life.

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