Can an ordinary toilet be equipped with an intelligent toilet cover

sure. Most oval toilets can be equipped with intelligent toilet covers, but the position from the water tank to the toilet tip should be more than 50cm. However, it should be noted that round and square toilets are not suitable for matching with intelligent toilet covers, which not only affects the aesthetic effect, but also affects the performance.

Smart toilet lid

Why is the smart toilet lid the right choice?

  • Water washing is more hygienic

After going to the toilet each time, the water washing function of the intelligent toilet cover can replace the toilet paper for cleaning, which is easier to eliminate the viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites that cause infectious diseases.

The intelligent toilet cover with multiple flushing modes can not only effectively remove dirt, but also play a massage role. The front and rear movable nozzles can meet the different washing needs of men and women. Use warm water and warm air of the smart toilet cover to clean and dry, stimulate capillaries and promote blood circulation. Long term use can also prevent constipation, hemorrhoids and other diseases.

  • Warm seat ring is not cold

In the cold season, the cold touch of the toilet seat makes people shudder, while the seat of the intelligent toilet cover can automatically heat to the appropriate temperature for the human body. Many brands have also introduced temperature controlled seats with different temperature ranges, which can be adjusted according to personal preferences or regions and weather, so that they no longer have to fear the cold feeling when using the toilet.

  • Self cleaning, deodorization and power saving

Most intelligent toilet covers use stainless steel sprinklers, and most professional brands have produced products with self-cleaning function, that is, after each use, the sprinklers will spray waterfall water to remove contaminated dirt. At present, many intelligent toilet covers have deodorization function. Its principle is to eliminate odor by using the photocatalyst or activated carbon embedded in the toilet cover. In addition, when not in use for a long time, the toilet cover will automatically lower the seat ring and water temperature, saving power consumption.

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