Is kt board a kind of foam board?

Kt board is not foam board. Kt board is a new type of board core produced by using ps particle board as raw material after a special process, and then coated and pressed on its surface. It is a light decorative board, that is, a foam board with smooth paper on both sides, and it can be used as a display board and a temporary partition.

Kt board

What is the general size of the kt board?

General dimensions: width ≤ 1220mm, thickness bottom 1.8-10mm, density range of ktboard 140g-450. The length depends on the actual situation.

General dimensions: 900x2400x5m and 1200x2400x5mm. Generally, these dimensions are mostly used on advertising display boards.

The size of export grade KT board is generally 912x2440x5mm, 1220x2440x5mm, A4, A3, A2, A1, 20 “x30”, 30 “x 40, with a thickness range of 3mm to 10mm. Of course, its size can also be customized according to customer needs.

Purpose of KT board

There are two types of KT boards most commonly used in our plate market. The first is hot plate, and the second is cold plate. They all have many common characteristics and are very practical. In our daily life, we often use KT boards in some aspects of architectural decoration industry, packaging industry, printing industry, character art, advertising industry, etc.

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