What is the installation height of wall lamp?

The standard height of the wall lamp installation in the bedroom is about 1.5 to 1.8m from the ground. If the wall lamp is out of the wall, the distance from the wall is 10 cm to 40 cm. Secondly, when choosing the bedroom wall lamp, it should be set to lower the brightness to meet the reading requirements to prevent damage to vision. In addition, the installation height of the bedroom wall lamp should not be too high, otherwise the spotlight effect of the light is poor, and the lighting effect is also poor.

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How to install the bedroom wall lamp?

  • Determine height and position

Before installing the bedroom wall lamp, you must first determine the installation height and location of the wall lamp. The installation height of the bedroom wall lamp is about 14-1.7 meters. The specific height depends on the actual size of the bedroom area and the height of the house price. Therefore, you should choose to measure the installation height and location of the wall lamp, and mark the installation location of the screw hole on the wall.

  • Drill holes for mounting screws

Drill holes at the location where the screws were originally marked on the bedroom wall. Before drilling holes, pay attention to the layout of the wall lines to avoid drilling wires, which may cause unnecessary safety hazards.

  • Mounting screws

Install the expansion screw in the drilled wall hole, and use a hammer to drive the screw into the wall, until all the expansion screws enter the wall, and fix it.

  • Fixed lamp holder

Place the hanging plate of the wall lamp on the wall where the expansion screw has been installed, use the wood screw to pass through the hanging plate of the wall lamp and fix it on the expansion screw. When fixing the wall lamp holder, it is best to find a person to help you hold the hanging plate, so that when fixing the wall lamp base, the deviation of the wood screw position can be avoided.

  • Connected to power cord

After installing the base and ceiling panel, you can connect the wall lamp to the power line. Before connecting the power line, you must turn off the power supply. Note that the blue zero line, red live line, and yellow green bottom line should not be connected incorrectly. Otherwise, after installation, you need to remove them and reinstall them, which is particularly troublesome and troublesome.

Finally, install the wall lamp on the wall lamp holder, turn on the power, and the wall lamp will be installed and ready for use.

Precautions for installation of bedroom wall lamp

  • Selection of installation position of bedside wall lamp

As you know, this kind of lamp can be used in a wide range. Whether it is the corridor, the bathroom mirror, or the bedside, its effect is better. However, the three positions have different functions. Generally speaking, the corridor is mainly used for lighting, and the intensity of light is not very strong. In front of the mirror, it is used to help make up and wash. At the bedside, it is our daily reading, and the light is more concentrated.

  • The bedside wall lamp should be higher than the sitting position

Although using this kind of lamp at the head of the bed increases the convenience on weekdays, special attention should be paid to the placement height of the lamp. If it is too high, it will affect the brightness, and the light will become scattered and cannot gather. If it is too low, it will hit the head of a person. Generally speaking, it is better to be 1.5~1.7m from the ground, and 9.5~49cm from the wall.

  • Wire head shall be reserved when selecting wall lamp

Because the placement position of such lamps is generally above the bedside, if there is no wire head left on the wall before the decoration of the bedroom, it is recommended not to choose the wall lamp as the bedside lighting, because the wall lamp is often installed in the middle of the wall, and there is no dark line, so it is necessary to pull a wire on the wall according to the position of the wall lamp, so the smooth wall will look ugly.

  • The bedside wall lamp switch should be accessible

No matter what kind of light is at the bedside, the switch button should be accessible. Otherwise, when you are sleepy and want to turn off the light, you need to find the switch again or adjust the brightness. At this time, the nightwear may also be left, so the switch of the bedside wall lamp should be set in the accessible area.

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