How long can I stay after the wallpaper is pasted?

Generally, you can check in after three months. It is not allowed to stay in the first three months after the wallpaper is pasted, because formaldehyde emission in the first three months is the largest. After that, you can often open windows for ventilation, which can ensure that the air in the room is converted and reduce the indoor formaldehyde concentration.

In addition, after the wallpaper is pasted, you can put some activated carbon to absorb formaldehyde, or you can put some green plants.

the wallpaper

How to deal with excessive formaldehyde in wallpaper?

  • Change wallpaper

If we find that the wallpaper formaldehyde exceeds the standard, we can replace it in time, but if it has been pasted and the area is small, it can also be replaced.

  • Place adsorptive substances

There are some substances that can adsorb formaldehyde. We can place these substances in our homes to absorb formaldehyde volatilized from wallpaper. Of course, this also depends on the content of formaldehyde. If there is too much formaldehyde, even if it is adsorbed, it can not be accommodated in a short time. It is better to change the wallpaper again.

  • Place plants

You can also place some plants in your home, which have the ability to absorb and remove formaldehyde.

  • Use purifier

Air purifiers can be placed at home to achieve long-term formaldehyde removal. After all, the release of formaldehyde is not two days a day, so we’d better use the means of long-term removal of formaldehyde, otherwise the content of formaldehyde will easily increase after a period of time.

How long can formaldehyde volatilize?

Formaldehyde volatilization period is 3 to 15 years, and can be accommodated in 3 months. The volatilization period of formaldehyde is relatively long, more than 5-10 years, and long-term prevention of formaldehyde must be done.

The volatilization time is different depending on the release source. The formaldehyde in the wall coating can be volatilized in 7 to 15 days. The formaldehyde in the wallpaper adhesive is more than 18 months, and the formaldehyde in the large core board is 15 months. The best way to deal with it is ventilation. Or buy some plants to absorb formaldehyde. Generally speaking, plants with large leaves and herbs can absorb formaldehyde better, such as chlorophytum comosum and tiger tail orchid. At the same time, open windows frequently for ventilation.

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