How big is a house of 20 square meters?

The area of 20 square meters is almost the same as that of the common living room, with a slight difference. If the pattern is square, the length and width are usually five meters and four meters respectively. However, the area of 20 square meters also depends on the building area or the actual area. If it is the building area, it also needs to subtract a few square meters of shared space. In this way, the actual area is roughly the same as the secondary bedroom space.

20 square meters

How many square meters is a room?

The area of a house varies from large to small, and the smallest is between 4 square meters and 5 square meters, while large rooms can generally reach about 20 to 25 square meters.

How to arrange one room and one hall?

The house must be simple, because as a 40-square-meter house with one room and one living room, if you install it too well, you must change it later, which is not cost-effective.

We must focus on warm colors, which will make you feel comfortable, and you won’t feel so dark. If it’s small and dark, then your mood will be better.

You can get a wallpaper in the bedroom to make your room look particularly lovely and warm. Especially for girls, pink is probably the best match.

The room is not about size. The important thing is that the layout is reasonable. Otherwise, the largest house will look very small. If the layout is reasonable, even if it is 40 square meters, there is no sense of frustration.

Even if the house is only 40 square meters, a certain amount of space should be reserved, which will appear more spacious and bright, especially if the mirror is used reasonably, the effect will be better.

There are some small ornaments in the room, which will make the home look particularly warm and childlike, so it won’t look so rigid.

For a 40-square-meter house with one room and one living room, the most important thing is the bedroom. Because most of your time at home is a bedroom, it is not too crowded to have one bedroom. It is enough to have a bed and a small cabinet suitable for you. You can also get a nightstand to put some small things.

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