What interesting places are there in New York

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum is one of the most famous museums in the United States. It is located in the east of Central Park in midtown Manhattan, facing the American Museum of Natural History from a distance. The Metropolitan Museum, together with the British Museum in London and the Louvre in Paris, is known as the world’s three major museums. The museum has a total of 2 million long-term exhibits, which are divided into 19 exhibition areas. In addition to the exhibition halls in Midtown, the Metropolitan Museum also has another exhibition hall in Upper Manhattan called Fort Trenn Monastery, which mainly displays cultural relics of the Middle Ages.

  • Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is located on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, between West 33rd Street and West 34th Street, and is also a landmark of New York,. With a total height of 381 meters and 102 floors, it was the highest skyscraper in the world after its completion in 1931. It was not surpassed by the World Trade Center until 1972. Along with the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building has become the symbol of New York.

  • Times Square

Times Square is the most prosperous street in the world. Times Square is also a famous commercial street in New York, the United States. At the same time, it has become a cultural center with theaters, concert halls and characteristic hotels. The endless flow of people and cars, the dazzling LED large screen, there is no difference between day and night. When you look down on the prosperity of New York from the Empire State Building, Times Square is the first stop to face the prosperity.

  • Wall Street

Wall Street, located in the south of New York, is the financial center of New York and even the entire United States. A touch of a bronze bull on Wall Street may be a source of wealth. Here are the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ and the giant companies in American finance, oil, insurance, shipping and other fields.

  • Central Park

Central Park is the “lung of the city” of New York. It covers an area of 340 hectares, has 9000 benches and 6000 trees, several artificial lakes, two skating rinks, a zoo, a theater, and the “zero switch” between modern cities and nature. Central Park has become an integral part of New Yorkers’ lives.

Central Park
  • Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is the symbol of the United States. It is located on the Liberty Island at the lower end of Manhattan and is currently one of the most attractive tourist attractions in New York. Its full name is “National Monument to the Statue of Liberty”, and its official name is “the Statue of Liberty shining in the world”. The Statue of Liberty is open to tourists. Tourists need to take ferries to get there. The Statue of Liberty is the symbol of New York and even the United States. It is one of the places that New York must go.

  • Fifth Avenue, New York

The Fifth Avenue reaches Harlem District in the north and Washington Square Park in the south. It is the central street of Manhattan, New York. On both sides of the road are tall buildings with shiny glass curtain walls. It is synonymous with “the highest quality and taste”. Today, it has become the commercial center, residential center, cultural center, shopping center and tourist center of New York, where many famous brand stores are gathered.

  • Broadway

Broadway Avenue is a famous avenue in New York City, originally meaning “broad street”. It refers to a 25km long street in New York City, starting from Bartley Park and running through Manhattan Island from south to north. There are dozens of theaters on both sides of Broadway Street. The theaters on 44th Street to 53rd Street of Broadway are called Inner Broadway, while the theaters on 41st Street and 56th Street of Broadway are called Outer Broadway. The inner Broadway shows classic, popular and commercial plays, while the outer Broadway shows some experimental, unknown and low-cost plays.

  • Central Station

In this beautiful railway station, you can have some lunch or go shopping until you fall, but the most favorite of recent passengers is just to enjoy the scenery. Before you enter, be sure to take some pictures of the beautiful art neo classical buildings outside. In the famous main square, you can see the sparkling marble floor, gold-plated and nickel plated chandeliers and sky themed ceiling. The scale of food selection ranges from advanced to legendary to fast and simple.

  • Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the symbols of New York City and one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States, connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Bridge, with a total length of 1600 meters, was the longest bridge in the world at that time and the first cable-stayed suspension bridge in the world. When the Brooklyn Bridge was completed, it was considered to be the eighth miracle after the seven ancient wonders of the world, and was praised as one of the seven epoch-making architectural engineering miracles in the world in the era of the industrial revolution.

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