How to distinguish between cleaning cabinet and disinfection cabinet

Different working principles:

The cleaning cabinet uses the drying function to dry the tableware in a high temperature environment, and then uses the UV function to prevent the tableware from secondary pollution during storage and keep the tableware storage environment clean; Disinfection cabinet uses high-temperature ultraviolet ray, ozone or steam to disinfect and sterilize tableware. It has no drying function and needs to be wiped clean before entering the disinfection tank.

Different disinfection methods:

The disinfection cabinet will combine with the ultraviolet disinfection function, so that the disinfection is more thorough, while the cleaning cabinet only realizes local sterilization, to avoid secondary pollution of the stored materials.

The ozone concentration is different:

The ozone concentration of the maintenance cabinet is relatively low, and the secondary pollution can be avoided when tableware is placed in the cabinet; The ozone concentration in the disinfection cabinet is high, which can kill 99.9% of bacteria and other microorganisms in tableware after opening, and has good disinfection and sterilization effect.

Different storage:

The cleaning cabinet can be dry or wet, while the disinfection cabinet is only suitable for dry items.

The cleaning performance is different: the sterilization rate of the disinfection cabinet can reach 99.9%, while the sterilization rate of the cleaning cabinet is relatively low, which only performs a simple cleaning function.


What is a cleaning cabinet?

The cleaning cabinet does not disinfect tableware, but only serves to dry tableware and ensure that the air in the cabinet is clean, so that tableware is not polluted during storage.

Maintenance method of cleaning cabinet

The washed tableware shall be put into the frame by category, with clearance to avoid stacking.

Do not open the cabinet door during cleaning. In the cleaning process, the control panel will display the internal cleaning process. Do not open the cabinet door during the cleaning process to avoid being injured by ultraviolet radiation or high temperature burns.

Clean and maintain the cleaning cabinet regularly. When cleaning the cleaning cabinet, unplug the power plug first, and then wipe the internal and external surfaces of the cleaning cabinet with a clean damp cloth. It is prohibited to flush the cleaning cabinet with water. If it is too dirty, scrub it with neutral detergent first, then scrub it with a clean wet cloth, and finally dry it with a dry cloth.

What is a disinfection cabinet?

Disinfection cabinet refers to disinfecting articles by means of ultraviolet ray, far infrared ray, high temperature, ozone, etc. Disinfection cabinet has a strong ability to sterilize and kill 99.9% of pathogenic microorganisms on tableware. The disinfection cabinet is generally in the shape of a box, and most of the cabinet body is made of stainless steel.

Maintenance method of disinfection cabinet

Before using the disinfection cabinet, it is better to dry the tableware with a clean cotton cloth to ensure that the tableware does not drip before being put into the disinfection cabinet. Then, when putting it into the disinfection cabinet, it should be placed vertically as far as possible to ensure that each tableware can contact the air for ventilation and disinfection as soon as possible.

When cleaning the disinfection cabinet, do not use strong acid and alkali solutions or corrosive solutions, because most of the disinfection cabinets are made of stainless steel. After cleaning the surface of the disinfection cabinet, the interior shall be wiped with a dry cloth, then the shelf shall be taken out and put into a water basin for cleaning, and then put back again after drying.

The disinfection cabinet should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, and the distance from the wall should not be less than 30cm. During disinfection, do not open the door unnecessarily to avoid affecting the effect.

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