How many years is the scrap life of carbon dioxide fire extinguisher

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers can be discarded for up to 12 years. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers that are valid for 12 years from the date of manufacture must be scrapped. In addition, the fire extinguishing agent of carbon dioxide extinguisher also has a validity period, which is 2 years when stored at normal ambient temperature, but generally speaking, the replacement period of fire extinguishing agent is 1-2 years.

Fire extinguisher

Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher placed for a long time, the pressure in the bottle will reduce, resulting in reduced fire performance, so it is necessary to regularly spot check and timely maintenance.

The validity period of carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is closely related to the environment and management of the fire extinguisher. Chemical units, gas stations and other corrosive environment, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers may fail in half a year, hotels and other units with central air conditioning is relatively high stability, may not fail in three or four years, residential buildings are also different according to ventilation, management, etc., the validity of carbon dioxide fire extinguishers is different.

Five years after the date of delivery of carbon dioxide gas storage cylinder, water pressure test must be done every three years according to the requirements of national standards. Those who fail to pass the water pressure test must be replaced.

Application scope of carbon dioxide fire extinguisher

Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher has good fluidity, high injection rate, non-corrosive container and not easy to deteriorate and other excellent performance, used to put out books, archives, valuable equipment, precision instruments, electrical equipment below 600 volts and oil initial fire.

Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is suitable for Class B fires (such as kerosene, diesel, crude oil, methanol, ethanol, asphalt, paraffin, etc.).

Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is suitable for Class C fires (such as gas, natural gas, methane, ethane, propane, hydrogen, etc.).

Carbon dioxide extinguisher to fight Class E fire (electric burning object fire).

How to use a liquid carbon dioxide fire extinguisher correctly?

The correct way to use it is to pull out the safety pin, hold the handle at the base of the bell with one hand and the pressure handle of the opening and closing valve with the other hand. For carbon dioxide fire extinguishers without a spray hose, the horn should be positioned 70-90 degrees to the upper plate. When using, do not grasp the outer wall of the horn or the metal wire pipe directly with your hand, otherwise your hand will be frostbitten.

Improper use of carbon dioxide fire extinguishers can cause frostbite on your fingers, because dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) absorbs a lot of heat when it is vaporized, resulting in local low temperatures.

Steps for outdoor use of carbon dioxide fire extinguishers

  • Stand upwind, pull the fuse and pull out the safety pin.
  • Stand 2 meters away from the fire, hold the trumpet in your left hand, and press down the handle with your right hand.
  • Spray at the root of the flame, and keep pushing forward until the flame is extinguished.
  • The fire extinguisher should always be kept upright in the process of extinguishing the fire. It should not be used horizontally or upside down.

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