Is the master bedroom usually on the left or right?

The master bedroom is generally in the south, either on the left or on the right. The difference between the master bedroom and the secondary bedroom depends on the design of the house type. Generally, the master bedroom has a larger area than the secondary bedroom, and its orientation is mostly in the south, which is more spacious and bright than the secondary bedroom. Therefore, the master bedroom can be on the left or the right, depending on the design of the house type.

the master bedroom

The difference between the master bedroom and the secondary bedroom

Master bedroom: In the actual area of the house, the conventional bedroom is mainly used for the rest zone, and the purpose is that the layout of the rest function zone must meet the inherent functional requirements of the actual rest zone. The purpose here is to take a single rest zone as the main part, and its composition is relatively simple. It exists with rest as the sole purpose.

Secondary bedroom: The secondary bedroom is the bedroom other than the master bedroom. Generally, the master bedroom now has an independent bathroom, and the secondary bedroom generally has no bathroom, or the area is smaller.

The biggest difference between the master bedroom and the secondary bedroom is that the master bedroom is the bedroom of the owner of the house, while the secondary bedroom is generally used for the room for guests. In terms of area, the master bedroom is larger than the secondary bedroom.

How to distinguish the master bedroom from the secondary bedroom?

  • Look at the direction

Generally speaking, the master bedroom faces south and can see the sunshine when it is sunny.

The secondary bedroom is generally not allowed, unless it is a biased house, which generally refers to two bedrooms.

  • Look at the size

Generally speaking, the width of the master bedroom is 3.3 meters (2 meters for bed, 0.7 meters for aisle, and 0.6 meters for TV cabinet). This size can ensure that the room in the master bedroom can accommodate the bed and TV cabinet.

The secondary bedroom is generally only 3 meters long, and there is no place for TV in the original design.

  • Look at the window

The windows of the master bedroom are generally 1.7 meters wide, designed according to the overall size.

The secondary bedroom is generally 1.4 meters wide.

How is the master bedroom designed?

  • The privacy of the bedroom is the first

The bedroom is people’s private field. When designing the bedroom, it is the first principle to ensure its privacy. The bedroom is not only a place for people to rest, but also a place for couples to exchange love, and is the most warm and romantic space in the home. So the bedroom should not only be quiet and soundproof, but also be able to block people’s sight. When decorating the bedroom, decorative materials with good sound absorption can be used; It is better to completely close the door with opaque materials.

  • Simplicity brings comfort

The function of the bedroom is mainly to sleep and rest. The complicated decoration will make people feel complicated and irritable, which is not conducive to rest. In addition, the bedroom is a private space and is not open to guests, so there is no need to have too many shapes in the bedroom decoration, and usually there is no need to hang the ceiling. The more concise the wall treatment is, the better it is. Generally, it can be painted with latex paint, and the wall on the head of the bed can be appropriately shaped and decorated. The wall decoration of the bedroom should not be too much, and should also be properly matched with the wall materials and furniture. The style and mood of the bedroom are mainly determined by the soft decoration such as curtains, bedspreads and closets rather than the hard decoration such as walls, floors and roofs. They are large in area, and their patterns and colors often dominate the style of the bedroom and become the main melody of the bedroom.

  • Strong storage is the premise of keeping the bedroom clean

The bedroom will generally store a large number of clothes and bedding. The clothes of the current season and the past season can only be kept clean and tidy in the bedroom. Therefore, when designing the bedroom, we must consider the storage space, which should not only be sufficient but also be convenient to use. It is better to have a bedside table on both sides of the bedside to place table lamps, alarm clocks and other things that can be touched easily. If the bedroom has more functions, the location of the dresser and desk should also be considered.

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