Distance between toilet drain and wall

The reserved size of the downcomer of the toilet is between 75 and 90, and 30 to 40 cm from the wall. The distance between the reserved sewer of the toilet and the wall is generally 30 to 40 cm; The wall distance standard of the lower drain toilet drain should be equal to or slightly less than the wall distance of the toilet drain, and the distance between the rear drain toilet drain and the ground should be equal to or slightly higher than the height of the toilet drain.


What is the size of the toilet sewer?

Before installing the toilet, we should first understand the size of the toilet sewer. The specifications of the sewer are usually 75dn and 90dn, mainly referring to its outer diameter. If its outer diameter is 90 mm, PVC-U pipe means 90 PVC pipe. If the PVC-U pipe in your bathroom is connected to the drainage cast iron pipe, the specification of the drainage pipe selected by the lock should be DN75. In the technical exchange of the pipeline, it is inappropriate to directly call the PVC-U pipe with the outer diameter of dn90mm as 75.

Generally speaking, the drainage pipe connected to the toilet should be dn110mm. If dn70mm or dn90mm is not suitable at this time. Of course, this standard is not rigid. Most modern decorated toilets use PVC pipes with inner diameter of 110.

The size of the downcomer of the toilet is crucial to the selection and purchase of the toilet. The size of the downcomer of the toilet is generally 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, etc.

To select a suitable toilet, first of all, select the proper size of the sewer pipe. When selecting a toilet, if you are going to decorate and paste tiles, you must measure the distance between the pits after the tiles are pasted, otherwise the toilet will be bought back and cannot be installed. The conventional reserved net wall toilet is 300mm from the wall, and the side is not less than 500mm. (The distance between the center of the toilet is generally 200, 220, 280, 300, 320, and 350 mm.) The distance between the rear of the squatting toilet and the wall is 650 — 700 mm. (The flushing pipe is a little shorter when it is further away, and needs to be extended) The side is not less than 450 mm.

Precautions for installation of toilet

  • Check whether the backwater bend has glaze

The glaze of the toilet should be very smooth and free from any defects; There shall be no pinhole or lack of glaze. A lot of closestool with low density and roughness are used on the market. Touch if necessary to see if it is smooth.

  • Accurate pit distance for convenient installation

The pit distance refers to the distance from the core of the water outlet to the wall behind the water tank, and the error cannot exceed 1 cm. Otherwise, the toilet cannot be installed; The pit distance of the drainage method is the distance from the core point of the ground drain hole to the undecorated wall.

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