What is the size of the sink

If a single slot is selected, 0.5 times 0.4 meters and 0.6 times 0.45 meters are appropriate; If two slots are selected, 0.81 times 0.47 meters and 0.88 times 0.48 meters are appropriate; If three slots are selected, 0.9 times 0.48 meters and 1.03 times 0.5 meters are appropriate.


Choose single sink or double sink in the kitchen

  • Look at the kitchen space

If the kitchen space is relatively limited and narrow, it is more recommended to choose a single sink. Because the large single slot will save more space relatively, and can meet more needs for brushing. Washing vegetables and fruits, dishes and chopsticks, and even pots and pans are not to mention, and are more practical. In addition, compared with narrow and small double sinks, the visual effect brought by large and large single sinks will be more atmospheric and beautiful.

  • See personal preferences

Of course, if the kitchen space is large enough, the choice of single and double sinks only depends on personal preferences. After all, in addition to the disadvantage of occupying more space, double slots also have many advantages.

After all, the selection of double sinks is very diverse. The large sink in the combination of large and small double sinks can also fully meet the cleaning requirements of large pots. At the same time, the double sinks can be used in different areas. For example, the large single tank can be used to clean dishes, while the small single tank can be used to clean fruits and vegetables, which is more sanitary than the single tank.

On the other hand, it is very convenient to use double sinks. The large sink is used for washing dishes, and the small sink also has the function of draining.

  • Number of water inlets

If there is only one water outlet in the kitchen, there is no choice but to choose a single sink. However, if the kitchen has multiple water outlets, the selection range will be much wider. You can carefully consider your personal habits and preferences to choose single and double sinks.

Precautions for installation of kitchen sink

The place where the sink is installed should be reserved in advance, and the supplier should be informed to increase the size of the sink when purchasing. So as not to cause rework in size. When installing the sink, the volume of the reserved sink on the kitchen top should match the size of the sink. The sink shall be firmly installed to prevent left and right shaking.

First place the faucet and water pipe on the sink. In addition, one end of the water inlet pipe on the faucet is connected to the water inlet switch. Before installing the faucet, it is necessary to clean the sundries in the water pipe to prevent the sundries from entering the faucet and damaging the valve core. After the sink is bought at home, the workers will generally cut the cabinet top according to the size of the sink. After the sink is put into the top, it is necessary to install a matching hanging piece between the tank and the top to firmly install the sink to avoid the small gap causing the tank to shake left and right.

The last item is the drainage inspection and edge sealing. After the resettlement is completed, the drainage inspection needs to be carried out, the water tank should be filled with water, and the drainage of the water and overflow hole should be tested at the same time. If water seepage is found during drainage, it needs to be reworked immediately. After the drainage inspection, the edge of the sink can be sealed only when there is no problem.

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