How to Make a TV Antenna with a Potato

 Is your digital terrestrial TV signal coming in weak? Are you constantly amazed by the conductive properties of the Almighty Potato? If so, this experiment is for you!


Purchase a Potato.

Any variety will work, but choose medium or large-sized one. Wash it to remove any dirt and dry thoroughly before using.

Choose an appropriate length of aerial lead (the cable that attaches the TV to the antenna or, in this case, potato).

Between 3′ and 6′ should be more than enough.

Attach the aerial lead to the Potato.

The pin inside the tip of the lead is the only part that should be pressed into the Potato. Take care not to break or bend the tip.

  • (For a coaxial TV cable, only the inside pin needs to go into the potato. The metal casing should be pressed into the skin to help secure it.)

Use a length of electrical tape to secure the lead to the potato so it does not become dislodged.

Plug the other end of the aerial lead into the back of your television.


  • You can try this trick with your PC if you have a USB ATSC tuner by plugging the aerial lead into the the end.
  • You can also make a simple TV aerial antenna by using a coat hanger attached to a cable with electrical tape.


  • The potato antenna is a fun experiment but will most likely not provide the best TV reception.
  • Because broadcast television has been converted to digital, to receive reception with an antenna you must have either a digital TV or the digital converter box. The requirements can be found at the FCC.

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