How to Make a Wireless Antenna

Have you lost your wireless antenna from the back of your network card? No problem! Make one from scratch using some solder (or pliable wire) about 15 centimeter (5.9 in), and a thumbtack. The wire will act as the 'antenna' while the thumbtack will secure it in place


Grab some solder (preferably thick) or some bendy wire/solder and wrap it around the point of a thumbtack.

this will provide you with a small loop about that same size as the inner ‘pin’ on the back of your wireless card.

Bend the wire at a 90 degree angle just under the loop you just created.

this will allow for easy insertion when you place it around the inner ‘pin’

Place the wire around the pin, and wrap the remaining wire around the outside ‘threads’ where you would normally screw in the antenna.

Insert the thumbtack in between the inner ‘pin’ and the small loop you made.

this is to ensure the inner pin is always in contact with the solder.

The other end of the wire/solder can be wrapped around any cable from the back of your computer to enhance wireless reception.


  • Making the end of the antenna touch the chassis of the computer may enhance reception.
  • The thicker the solder is, the better.
  • Depending on where your computer is, leaving the wire/solder dangling down from the card may also provide adequate reception.


  • Electric Current runs through the “pin”, and will also run through the thumbtack when a connection has been made. Play it safe; keep one hand in your pocket to prevent a current traveling through your heart.
  • Keep the thumbtack away from your eyes, and any chair you may wish to sit on.
  • Even though “Wireless” (or any radio) is non-ionizing, RFR (Radio Frequency Radiation) exposure should be minimized. If possible, shut down your computer or disable the wireless card.

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