What is the reason for the loud noise when the refrigerator is cooling

  • The reinforcement part is loose, causing resonance with the compressor, which causes the refrigerator to make noise.
  • The vibration damping rubber pad at the bottom of the compressor is not evenly stressed or the bottom plate of the compressor is not firm, resulting in noise in the refrigerator.
  • The refrigerator is placed unevenly, which causes resonance between the feet and the ground, thus causing the refrigerator to make noise.
  • If the connection between the cooling pipe and the flat radiator is poor, the refrigerator will make noise.

What are the causes of loud refrigerator noise?

  • Place sundries on the top

This is a very common situation in life. It will cause object resonance and noise.

  • Uneven stress

The vibration damping rubber pad at the bottom of the compressor is not evenly stressed or the bottom plate of the compressor is not firm. At this time, we need to adjust and tighten the bolts, or replace the washers that lose their elasticity. Accessories such as the cold room and ice box inside the refrigerator were not placed according to the groove edge.

  • The reinforcement is loose

In this case, it will cause resonance with the compressor and noise. Therefore, check whether the connection at this position is firm.

  • The refrigerator is placed unevenly

The refrigerator should adjust the balance knobs of the four feet under the refrigerator, or add leather mats according to the situation. In this way, the noise can be minimized under normal conditions of the refrigerator. The back of the refrigerator is about 10cm away from the wall and has a certain inclination, which can also reduce noise.

How to solve the problem of loud refrigerator noise?

Compressor noise. The ordinary domestic low-grade compressor has some noise, which will not affect the use and rest under normal circumstances. If there is irregular noise or excessive noise, the compressor can be replaced. The clicking sound during startup and shutdown is the relay action of automatic switch, which is normal.

Several support feet of the refrigerator directly contact the hard ground such as tiles, which will amplify the vibration and generate noise. A piece of hard rubber, such as an old cloth sole, can be placed at the foot of the support, or a piece of rubber can be cut into a small pad by a bicycle repairer or shoe repairer, which cannot be too thick, and should not be more than 5mm thick.

The most common noise increase caused by moving the refrigerator is the heat sink behind. After the heat sink tube is extruded and deformed, it is easy to increase the vibration and generate noise. When the refrigerator is just started, you can touch the radiator tube with your hand. Where the vibration is severe, it is the noise source. Please don’t touch it after driving for a long time. It’s very hot. Use electrical tape to fix the vibrating heat sink tube and the stable heat sink tube together, fix each section, and generally fix two or three places to greatly reduce the noise. As long as ordinary refrigerators are refrigerated, the noise does not affect the service life, but affects people’s psychology.

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