How to distinguish power cabinet and distribution cabinet

Different volumes: the power cabinet has a large volume, and there are many internal devices, so the operation is relatively complex; The power distribution cabinet is relatively large, but there are many large switches in it, so it is convenient to control and can control a workshop.

Different functions: the power distribution cabinet is used in places with scattered loads or few circuits, while the power cabinet is mainly used in places with concentrated loads and many circuits, and the whole machine can provide power during normal operation, including high-voltage cabinet, transformer, etc.

Power Distribution Cabinet

Differences between switchgear and distribution cabinet

With different functions, the switchgear is a complete set of switchgear and control equipment. As the power center and main power distribution device, it is mainly used to open and close the switch. The power distribution cabinet is used to distribute electric energy and protect the overload, short circuit and leakage of lines.

The overall dimensions are different, and the switchgear is large, generally 1800mm, 2000mm and 2200mm in height. The power distribution cabinet is small in size, usually only big in the palm, and can be concealed in the wall or standing on the ground.

For all differences in the installation site, the switch cabinet is often set in the substation, distribution room, etc. The power distribution cabinet can be installed in various places, such as schools, institutions, hospitals, factories, workshops, families, etc.

The circuit materials are different. The main circuit of the switch cabinet is usually copper bar, while the distribution box has multiple conductors

Different components, most of the low-voltage cabinets are molded case circuit breakers and frame circuit breakers, as well as capacitor cabinets. The contents in the distribution box are more complex, and the common one is a series of micro breaks below a larger switch.

Difference between distribution box and distribution cabinet

Different concepts: the distribution box is a small power distribution box, and it is also the last level of power distribution equipment in the power supply system, mainly including power switches and insurance equipment. Its structure is relatively simple, and it is often used for power distribution of various terminals. Due to its small size, the distribution box cannot provide more capacitance. One distribution box is responsible for 4-8 small load power supply equipment.

The distribution cabinet is the power supply equipment of the upper level of the distribution box, which is much larger than the distribution box. It can also be installed with larger electrical equipment, and belongs to a power supply equipment with medium capacity load. Usually, there are multiple distribution boxes and motors in one distribution cabinet, which can provide large power load.

Different functions: the main function of the distribution box is to control electrical equipment and distribute power to various small load power terminals, also known as the power distribution box, which is common in schools, institutions, hospitals, factories, workshops, families and other places. The power distribution cabinet is mainly used in the occasions where the load is distributed and the circuit is less, which is the motor control center.

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