How high is the bathtub?

The height of ordinary bathtub is between 35.5-52.0cm; The height of the sitting bath is about 47.5cm; The height of the jacuzzi is 58-90cm. If it is an ordinary double bathtub, its length is generally 170cm to 20cm, its width is 110cm to 180cm, and its height is 58cm to 80cm. Because there are many kinds of bathtubs, their sizes are also quite different. Therefore, when choosing a bathtub, you need to choose a bathtub of appropriate size according to the area of the bathroom, family usage habits, etc.


What is the size of the bathtub?

  • Size of round bathtub

Generally speaking, the size of a round bathtub is measured by its diameter. The size of larger bathtubs ranges from 1.3 meters to 1.9 meters; The size of small round bathtub is generally controlled between 1.3 meters and 1.4 meters. It is suggested that the round bathtub should not be easily selected in the general toilet. It is very large, takes up too much space, and is not practical.

  • Square bathtub size

We should be clear about the size of the square bathtub. The width standard of common square bathtub is 0.7m, 0.75m, 0.8m, 0.85m, 0.9m, 0.8m, etc. In addition, the length of the released bathtub is usually controlled between 1.5m and 1.9m, and the height is within 0.7m.

  • Oval bathtub size

The most popular bathtub for women is the oval bathtub. The length of the oval bathtub is generally 1.2 meters to 1.8 meters. The shape of oval bathtub is special and compact, so it is suitable for the size of general toilet and small households.

  • Size of sector bathtub

The size of the fan bathtub is generally 1.3 meters, and the fan bathtub is also a relatively suitable toilet for small households. In addition, the fan shaped bathtub can be placed in an uncommon corner of the bathroom, making full use of the space perfectly and creating a fashionable and beautiful bathroom vividly.

How to install the bathtub?

Independent bathtub: This installation method is very simple. It is to lay and position the water supply and drainage pipes of the bathtub, then place the fish tank on two wooden bars, and connect the water supply and drainage pipes to the bathtub, so that the installation of the bathtub is almost OK. At this time, turn on the water, start filling the bathtub, and see if there is water leakage in the water supply and drainage pipes. If not, The wooden strip can be taken out, so that the independent bathtub can be installed.

Embedded bathtub: it is a kind of bathtub directly embedded in the wall. This bathtub installation method is more difficult, but the basic steps are very similar to the installation method of independent bathtub. The water supply and drainage pipes should be laid first, and then the waterproof layer should be repaired at the place where the pipes are grooved. After the waterproof acceptance of a bathroom is done, the embedded bathtub should be lit on the ground with foam bricks after the floor is laid. Generally, the height of the bottom should not exceed 60cm.

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