Is gypsum board waterproof and moistureproof

Gypsum board can be waterproof and damp proof. This is mainly because the gypsum core and the face protection paper have moisture-proof functions, and some silicone oil is added. Some waterproof agents are added in the gypsum core, so the gypsum can have waterproof effect, so gypsum board is a kind of board with a wide range of uses. According to the requirements of the national standard, the paper surface and board core of waterproof gypsum board must meet certain waterproof requirements (the surface water absorption is not more than 160g, and the water absorption is not more than 10%). Water resistant gypsum plasterboard is suitable for use in places where the continuous relative humidity does not exceed 95%.

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What are the advantages of waterproof gypsum board compared with ordinary gypsum board?

Waterproof gypsum board can be used as ceiling material in toilets and bathrooms, while ordinary gypsum board cannot.

Waterproof gypsum board has water resistance, and will not deform, mildew, fuzz or powdery like ordinary gypsum board. However, waterproof gypsum board cannot be soaked in water for a long time.

Waterproof gypsum board is PVC plastic surface, also known as glass fiber PVC surface gypsum board. The core board, surface course and surface course materials have undergone waterproof treatment; The ordinary gypsum board is paper-based, commonly known as gypsum plasterboard. The core board, surface course and surface course materials have not been waterproof treated.

Both sides of waterproof gypsum board are smooth and bright, and both sides of ordinary gypsum board are made of paper. Waterproof gypsum board and ordinary gypsum board can be distinguished by inspection and sample water test.

Four Methods to Identify the Quality of Waterproof Gypsum Board

First, look at the surface of waterproof gypsum board. The surface of a good waterproof gypsum board should be smooth and flat, free of corners, cracks, air holes and other phenomena. The upper and lower layers of kraft paper of the paper faced gypsum board are also very solid, so that the gypsum board will not be cracked when screws are applied. Then look at the side of the waterproof gypsum board to see whether there is hollowing and whether the texture is dense.

Then check the elasticity of the waterproof gypsum board. You can knock the surface of the gypsum board gently with your hand. If the sound is very solid, it indicates that the waterproof gypsum board is very solid and durable. On the contrary, if the sound is very empty, it indicates that the gypsum board may be hollow, and the texture is relatively poor.

The right angle deviation and plane deviation of gypsum board shall comply with the gypsum board production standard. If the size deviation of gypsum board is too large, the gypsum board surface will look very irregular, which will affect the decorative effect of the ceiling.

The waterproof gypsum board will be marked with the production date, manufacturer, quality grade, trademark and other marks of the product. When purchasing, you should carefully check the quality grade of the gypsum board, so that you can see whether the right angle deviation and flatness are within the acceptable standard.

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