What to Say to Your Girlfriend Over Text When She’s Sick

It can be difficult to know how to react when your girlfriend is sick, no matter if she’s got the sniffles or something more serious. You want to make her feel better, but how do you find the words? We’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a list of comforting texts you can send to your girlfriend when she’s not feeling well, whether you want to check in, offer your assistance, or just let her know you’re thinking about her. Read on for our suggestions.


“Thinking of you.”

Let her know you care. No matter what you text your sick girlfriend, your basic intent is probably the same: to show you care for her, and to let her know she’s not alone.A sweet and simple “thinking of you” text is the quickest way to lift her spirits and reassure her you’re there for her.
“I miss you.”
“Things aren’t the same without you around!”
“I love you.”

“How are you feeling?”

Check in on her. Asking your girlfriend how she’s feeling will let her know you are interested in her condition. It will help her feel seen and cared for. If possible, be specific: “Is your sore throat giving you trouble again today?” This will show her you’re paying close attention to her progress.
“Do you have an appetite today?”
“Have you tried your new medicine?”
“How did your appointment go this morning?”

“You’ve got to get well so we can go hiking again!”

Joking around can bring some much-needed levity. If your girlfriend’s sickness is not serious, making light of her condition can help her find perspective. Teasing her about getting well soon is also an opportunity to show her you miss her and value the time you spend together—it may even be an opportunity to flirt a little. Keep in mind that while your girlfriend may be receptive to a light tone if she only has a cold, if she is severely ill, levity or flirtation may come across as dismissive of her condition.
“It’s so boring without you around!”
“Tell your germs to scram so I can kiss you!”
“I’m getting sick too—sick of not having you around!”

“Have you heard the one about the….”

They say laughter is the best medicine, and they’re right.Being sick can really bring you down. Sending your girlfriend a joke or a meme when she is sick is a great way to cheer her up.
“Why couldn’t the bicycle stand up by itself? It was two-tired!”
“What do you do with a sick boat? Take it to the doc!”
“Why do cows have hooves instead of feet? Because they lactose.”

“Have you seen this TV show?”

Give her suggestions to keep herself entertained. Being sick can be pretty boring, especially if you’re stuck at home alone. Recommend TV shows, movies, video games, or books she might enjoy—better yet, read something together and discuss it over the phone, watch something together remotely, or play virtual games together.
“Last time I was sick, I binged this entire series.”
“This is the perfect book to read when you need a little escape.”
“I’ve been meaning to try this game out—want to play?”

“Did you hear what happened today?”

Fill her in on what she might have missed by being sick. If she’s stuck at home for a few days or even weeks, she might start to feel out of the loop. She’ll want to hear what’s happening with you, your mutual friends, and everything else from her day-to-day life, and she’ll appreciate knowing she is missed.
“I tried that new restaurant today for lunch. We should go when you’re better!”
“We really missed you at Todd’s birthday party.”
“Check out the books I got at the library book sale! I picked out a few for you!”

“Rest up!”

OK, maybe laughter is the second-best medicine. For many illnesses, plenty of rest is the key to a full recovery.Your girlfriend may feel pressure to get back to her usual activities, so encourage her to get as much down time as she needs.
“Sleep tight! Don’t let the bedbugs bite!”
“Take your time and get well. The world will still be here waiting for you!”
“Don’t worry about work; just focus on getting plenty of R&R.”

“Would you like any company?”

She might appreciate your presence. If she’s stuck at home, coming over to spend time with her or to take care of her is sure to cheer her up—but make sure to ask if she’s up for it first, and don’t overstay your welcome: if she’s very sick, she may not appreciate a surprise visit, or a long visit.
“Can I stop over to check in on my way to work?”
“Can I bring you anything?”
“Want to cuddle and watch a movie together?”

“You up for a phone call?”

There’s no substitute for the human voice. If your girlfriend is too sick to see anyone in person, she’s probably craving some human interaction. Offer to chat on the phone or set up a video call.[8] You could even take it a step further and invite your mutual friends to participate in a group video chat: she’ll appreciate you organizing a virtual hangout.
“Let’s chat on the phone–I miss hearing your laugh!”
“I’d love to see your beautiful face. How about a video hang?”
“Are you up for a virtual party? I’ll invite all our friends!”

“What can I do to help?”

Don’t ask if you can help—ask how.[9] Even a minor cold can set a person back in household chores—or maybe she isn’t well enough to cook for herself or drive to the doctor’s. She may feel like a burden asking for your help, so avoid telling her to reach out if she needs help: offer to assist her in specific ways, and be casual about it.
“Just wait until you try my homemade soup!”
“What are you hungry for? I’ll order delivery.”
“I’m running errands nearby: can I pick up your prescriptions for you?”
“How about I take your dog on a walk? I need the exercise!”

“I’m listening.”

Sometimes all you can do is be there. If she is seriously ill, it will comfort your sick girlfriend to know she has your support and attention.She might not want to talk immediately, but it will mean a lot to know you’re available when she does.
“Whenever you’re up for talking, I’m here.”
“Call or text, even if it’s 3 in the morning.”
“My phone is always on.”
Be sure to give her your undivided attention to you if she does reach out! That’s a great way to make her feel heard, listened to, and understood.

“You don’t know how much you mean to me.”

Speak from the heart—and avoid platitudes. It’s not always obvious what to say to make a sick person feel better, but be candid and sincere, even if it means confessing that you’re at a loss for words.Illness can be overwhelming, especially if it is a serious illness. Make sure she knows how you feel about her and that she has your support.
“I just want you to know that you have changed my life.”
“I’ve never gone through anything like this, so I’m not sure how to act. But I want you to know I’m here for you, every step of the way.”
“I don’t know what to say. I love you more than anyone.”

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