What style of architecture is Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral is the oldest and highest large Catholic church in Paris. It is a typical Gothic architecture. Spires were built at the top of all roofs, towers, etc. The most prominent feature of this building is its high and pointed height, which is composed of vertical lines.

Notre Dame Cathedral

What is Gothic building?

Gothic, originally evolved from the Gothic nation, refers to the northern barbarians, with a derogatory sense. But later, it lost its commendatory and derogatory nature and became the name of a culture at that time.

The most important feature of Gothic architecture is the word “Gao Zhi”, so some people also call this architecture “Gao Zhi”.

The plan of the Gothic church looks like a Latin cross.

The top of the cross is an altar, and the long wing of the cross in front is a rectangular hall for many believers to worship.

The main features of Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral is famous mainly because it is an epoch-making symbol in the history of European architecture.

Before it, most church buildings were heavy and crude, with heavy vaults, thick and short columns, thick walls, and dark spaces, which made people feel depressed.

Notre Dame Cathedral has broken through the old bondage and created a new lightweight skeleton structure, which makes the vault lighter, the space higher and the light sufficient.

This unique architectural style soon spread in Europe.

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