What are the sizes of spotlights

There are many sizes of spotlights. There are three types commonly used at home, namely, 3 watt spotlights, 7 watt spotlights and 12 watt spotlights.

3 watt spot lamp. The lamp cap diameter of the spot lamp is generally 52mm, the height is generally 160mm, the lamp length is 100mm, and the installation box length is about 103mm.

7 watt spot lamp. The diameter of this type of spot lamp head is generally 71mm, the height is generally 170mm, the lamp length is 110mm, and the installation box length is about 97mm.

12 watt spot lamp. The diameter of this type of spot lamp is generally 99mm, the height is generally 260mm, the lamp length is 180mm, and the installation box length is about 97mm.


How to choose spotlights?

Considering voltage: There are two types of spotlights: high voltage and low voltage. It is recommended to choose low voltage spotlights. Such spotlights will have a relatively long service life and high luminous efficiency.

Check the color temperature: different spotlights have different color temperatures, and the key is to combine with the overall indoor color. If you need to use spotlights to illuminate dark colored objects, choose low color temperature spotlights, otherwise use high color temperature spotlights.

Attention to word of mouth: there is an inevitable problem that spotlights will emit high temperature after being embedded in the ceiling or wall. If the quality of spotlights is not up to standard, they are usually prone to potential safety hazards.

Precautions for installation of spotlights

Be sure to plan to reserve a spot for spotlights! The installation of spotlights is generally embedded installation. The line shall be reserved according to the decoration plan, so that the decoration workers can make holes in the ceiling and properly reserve the spotlight slot. If you haven’t reserved a space, even if you buy a spotlight, you know where to install it.

The spot lamp shall be installed with transformer. If you don’t have a transformer installed on your spotlight, it’s bad. It will easily cause an explosion. You don’t want to have a spotlight on your head that will explode at any time. The transformer can effectively prevent explosion.

Install spotlights appropriately. The amount of spotlights must be appropriate, because too many spotlights will cause light pollution and even cause fire hazards. Don’t blindly pursue the effect of spotlight and neglect safety.

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