What is the cause of water leakage of automatic washing machine

Water leakage may be caused by aging and corrosion of the washing machine body.

It may be a wiring problem or the connecting water pipe is broken, causing water leakage.

It may be caused by the damage of the internal sealing gasket of the washing machine or the looseness of the reducer screws, which needs to be repaired and replaced by a professional technician.

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Treatment of water leakage of automatic washing machine

Discharge rubber bowl or rubber band to remove the water leakage fault of the washing machine:

The seal ring (also known as “oil seal”) loses its elasticity, coupled with long-term running wear, which is very easy to make a gap between the shaft and oil seal of the washing machine, causing water leakage of the washing machine. To eliminate water leakage, it is usually necessary to remove the water wheel, remove the shaft, pry off the worn oil seal, and finally reinstall it.

Water leakage of washing bucket: the water leakage fault caused by cracks in the washing machine bucket due to aging and other reasons is more intuitive. If the leakage is located at the upper part of the washing bucket, the adhesive method can be used to repair it. If the leakage is located at the lower part of the washing bucket, and the crack is relatively long, the washing bucket can only be replaced.

The spring force is reduced, so that the compression between the water glue bowl and the drain outlet is not enough; The path of the spring compression and extension deformation is slightly inclined to the central axis of the spring, so that the rubber drain bowl cannot be compressed on the water outlet at the central position. These will lead to

Water leakage caused by broken drain pipe: remove the back box of the washing machine and observe whether the drain pipe of the washing machine has obvious cracks and creases. Especially, the belt pulley and fan blade are close to each other, the drain pipe and tee joint, and the tee joint are easy to be damaged. If the joint between the drain pipe and the tee is damaged and not serious, the double pipe can be glued and the drainage test shall be carried out to see whether it is effective. If the damage is serious, only a new drain pipe or tee joint shall be replaced.

The rubber sleeve of the dewatering shaft sheave is damaged or the seal is not tight; The rubber sleeve of the wave wheel is cracked or aged; The rubber sleeve of the wave wheel is not closely adhered to the drain port of the dewatering outer barrel or is degummed during use, resulting in water leakage. In case of the above problems, corresponding maintenance shall be carried out or new parts shall be replaced.

Tips: If the water leakage is caused by poor welding quality of the washing machine bucket or poor material of the washing bucket, you should contact the after-sales service provider. This is the quality of the goods. If it is an old type washing machine, it has been used for a long time, and it may also be due to the aging of the shell due to the long-term humid environment, as long as the leak is plugged with sealing filler, the weld leak is welded, or the inner barrel is replaced.

Tips for purchasing automatic washing machines

  • Check the cleanliness

The washing degree of the washing machine is used to consider whether the washing machine can clean the clothes when washing clothes. Of course, the higher the washing degree is, the cleaner the clothes are washed. In the newly released “6A” standard, the degree of cleanliness is also taken as an important indicator to judge the grade of washing machines.

  • Listen to the washing noise

At present, low noise has become an indispensable part of quality life, and consumers have higher and higher requirements for washing machine noise. Many washing machine brands have also introduced different patented technologies to reduce product noise. The key component driving the washing machine is the motor. High quality motors must operate stably with low noise. At present, the internationally recognized motor brand is Emerson from the United States.

  • Look at expanded functions

To see whether a washing machine can be competent for the long-term work in the future, it usually depends on how its expanded functions are. For example, it is one of the most important expanding functions of the washing machine to give more delicate washing care to high-grade fabrics. Pay attention to the washing program selection key on the washing machine panel to see if there is a separate “hand washing” function key. This bionic principle can minimize wear.

  • Whether the trial operation is simple

One button operation (all washing procedures, dehydration speed, heating water temperature and rinsing times are controlled by intelligent single button operation), 180 ° wide angle door opening, touch electronic buttons, ultra-thin body, etc.

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