What Does FS Mean?

You might be scratching your head, looking at FS and trying to figure out what it means. The meaning might seem a little evasive at first since there are a variety of different meanings, but you can normally figure it out by looking at the context of a conversation. In this article, we’ll walk you through every potential meaning of FS, explain how to use it, and point out the more obscure definitions you might run into.

What does FS mean on Snapchat?

The most common meaning of FS is “for sure” on Snapchat.

It usually means “for sure” over text, on Instagram, and on TikTok as well. In this context, FS is used to agree with someone, confirm information, or emphasize something. As a note, “FS,” “Fs,” and “fs” all typically mean the same thing. You might say:

  • “I’ll be at the party FS”
  • “Are you FS going to call me tonight?”
  • “I don’t know FS, but I think unit 2 is definitely on the test.”
  • You: “You’re looking to buy a PS5, right?” Them: “FS.”

It could mean “f*cks sake” on Snapchat depending on how it’s used.

FS is also commonly used this way on Instagram, TikTok, and over text. If someone seems unhappy or annoyed, they’re probably using FS to mean “f*cks sake.” This expletive phrase sort of means “oh golly!” or “you’re kidding me?!” Someone might say:

  • “FS, I heard Jenny was talking trash.”
  • “For FS, why wouldn’t you tell me you’re going to the Drake concert?”
  • You: “Just FYI, I was wrong. We totally had homework.” Them: “FS, Andy…”
  • You may see “fFS” occasionally. This is shorthand for “for f*cks sake.”

What does FS mean on Facebook Marketplace?

On Facebook Marketplace, FS means “for sale.”

You may see this usage of FS on Craigslist or other sites where people sell things. You’ll likely see “FS” or “FS” at the beginning of a list or short sentence about what the person is trying to sell (as a note, “obo” after a price means “or best offer”). You might see someone write:

  • “FS: used gaming PC with keyboard and mouse. $600 obo.”
  • “Does anyone have a bar cart FS?”
  • “FS—Nike Air 11s.”

How to Use FS (“for sure”)

Respond to questions with FS to answer in the affirmative.

If someone asks you a question and there’s an implied answer built into the way they phrased it, you can answer with FS to confirm their question. You can also use FS just to generally respond with a “yes” if you’d like. For example:

  • Them: “You have an extra calculator I can use tomorrow, right?” You: “FS. I got you.”
  • Them: “Are you going to prom?” You: “Oh, FS.”

Use FS to emphasize the way you feel about something.

This way of using FS is similar to the way you’d use “definitely” or “totally.” This is a casual way to put a little bit of weight on whatever point you’re making. You might say:

  • “I rock with The Weeknd’s new record FS.”
  • Them: “You like Wendy’s, right?” You: “FS. Absolutely the best fast food out there.”

Try using FS to agree with someone’s perspective.

You can also use FS to imply that you’re on the same page as someone. If you’re chatting with a friend and they throw out an opinion you like, you can use “FS” the same way you might say, “I agree.” For example:

  • Them: “I can’t stand Mr. Harrison. His lectures are so boring.” You: “FS. I feel like I fall asleep halfway through every class.”
  • Them: “I really like hanging out with Melissa. She’s such a fun time.” You: “Yeah, FS. I like her, too.”

How to Use FS (“f*cks sake”)

Add an FS to your response to indicate annoyance.

If someone says something that bothers or frustrates you, a simple FS will communicate the way you feel. You can even use FS on its own as way of going “I’m p*ssed!” or “God d*mn!” You might say:

  • Them: “Hey, uhhh…I need you to come pick me up.” You: “FS…I’m busy rn. Can’t you ask someone else?”
  • Them: “I forgot to bring my lunch money. Can you cover me today?” You: “FS, Alex. I barely have enough for me…”

Alternative Definitions

Fs might mean “Fs in chat” on Twitch or Reddit.

“Fs in chat” is a meme based on a cutscene from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. In the game, players attend a funeral and have to press the “F” on their keyboard to advance the scene. When it’s used this way, it’s kind of a joke about something not going right or someone hurting themselves.

  • For example, if someone shares a video where a news anchor falls over while reporting on an ice storm, people might say “Fs,” or “Fs in chat” as a way of poking fun at them.
  • In a Twitch chat (which is a live chat), “Fs in chat” is usually a call for other audience members to spam “F” over and over again.

FS could mean “full service” on personal sites or Craigslist.

Some folks online may use “FS” to indicate that they’ve got no problem with some physical contact when they meet up. This is popular usage among sex workers and people looking for a quick fling.

  • For example, someone might offer “FS massages” online, or someone looking for a one night stand might mention they’re “okay with FS.”

FS might be “female seeking” on dating apps and websites.

If you’re on Tinder, Zoosk, or OkCupid, FS usually means “female seeking.” If you run into FS on a dating site or app and there are a bunch of qualities listed after the abbreviation, this is 100% what it means.

  • Someone might write, “FS a soulmate” or, “FS: men or women, 25+.”

If you’re talking football on a sports forum, it means “free safety.”

Free safety is a position in American football. They’re the defensive backs who play furthest away from the line of scrimmage to defend against passing plays. If you’re on r/NFL or ESPN’s forums, they’re talking about the free safety when they use FS.

  • A user might write, “I really like Chicago’s chances this year, but they need to pick up a FS in free agency if they’re going to defend against the pass.”

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