How to Check if Your Computer Has Bluetooth

This minHour teaches you how to determine whether or not your computer has built-in Bluetooth capabilities. While the majority of Windows computers and virtually all Macs have built-in Bluetooth cards, some desktop computers and older models do not. Using a Windows PC Open Start Click the Windows logo in the bottom-left corner of the screen. … Read more

How to Turn on Bluetooth on Your Phone

Bluetooth is a wireless method used to connect a variety of electronic devices together. It has become the most popular method of connecting wireless devices together. Can’t find Bluetooth on your phone? There are many different types of operating systems, which all have different methods of enabling Bluetooth. Turning on Bluetooth with an iPhone Go … Read more

How to Pair a Cell Phone to a Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth headsets are common accessories for modern people-on-the-go. Using a Bluetooth headset with your phone allows you to make and receive calls without needing to touch or hold a phone in your hand, which makes them super convenient for commuting, shopping, and even a morning run. As long as your phone is Bluetooth-capable, pairing it … Read more