How wide is the balcony

  • The width of the balcony is generally 1.3-2 meters, and the common balcony size is 1.5 × 1.5m, 1.5 × 1.8m, etc.
  • There is no standard size for the width of the balcony. When designing the balcony, the local people’s living habits and the development concept of the real estate are usually considered to determine the width of the balcony.
  • According to relevant regulations, the balcony area should also be included in the building area. If the balcony is outside the main structure of the building, it is usually included in the building area by half of the horizontal projected area.

What types of balconies are there?

  • Viewing balcony: If the house area is large enough, most house types have two balconies, one large and one small. Generally, small balconies are used as living balconies, while large balconies are viewing balconies. If we want to design the balcony as a viewing balcony, we should try to close all the balconies, so as to isolate noise and dust to the greatest extent, and not stop us from viewing the scenery outside the window.
  • Life balcony: This is also the choice of most families. Many owners will design the balcony as a laundry area. It is very convenient to wash clothes here or hang clothes in the air. This is a very popular design method. However, this kind of balcony has said goodbye to beauty. Basically, it is mainly practical. For those small families, this design is very practical.
  • Alternative living balcony: If your laundry area is designed in other areas, we can make it a work area, walk a circle of partitions along the window, and it is good to work and study on it or drink a cup of coffee at ordinary times. Your mood can be greatly cured.
  • Semi enclosed balcony: If you want to design a semi enclosed balcony, you must pay attention to the height of the guardrail of the balcony. The guardrail height must be higher than 105cm, so that our safety can be guaranteed. At the same time, when choosing the guardrail, the quality must be qualified, so as to eliminate the danger to the greatest extent.
  • Open balcony: The open balcony is completely in contact with nature at zero distance. If you want to pursue a free life style, the open balcony will be your best choice. However, the open balcony does not have any anti-theft function, nor can it block the wind and rain. It needs to be carried out frequently.

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