How to Uninstall PostgreSQL

Prior to uninstalling PostgreSQL, you may need to review the installation procedure you performed and the related programs that are listed in "Add or Remove Programs" (For Windows XP SP3), Uninstall or change a program (for Windows Vista/7 Operating System), such as the pgAgent 3.0.1 or the MS Visual C++ 2008/2005. Read more details below.



Before you start to uninstall “P – SQL”, you may need to save your personal settings and data files: open up pgAdmin III – Object browser, visit the Tools menu; scroll down and run the option “Backup…”.

Launch the option “Chang/Remove” for PostgreSQL program, version 9.1 (size, 172.00MB).

Click on the “Yes” button on the “Question” window and then wait.

Click OK on Warning.

You may then manually delete leftovers related to PostgreSQL, in its installation directory.

You then click “OK” on “Info”.

Make sure that you have saved all of your files and programs.

You then click Yes in Question information box to restart your device.

Remove the pgAgent 3.0.1 (size, 9.48MB).

Again, you may clean the file leftovers by hand.

Continue to remove MS Visual C++ 2008, a component for PostgreSQL software.

Remove C++ 2005 project listed.

Save and reboot your computer.

You manually search and clean those traces related the the programs installed above.


  • After uninstalling PostgreSQL, you can still find other ways to open your database files on PC or Mac if necessary.

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