How to Clear Microsoft Calculator Using a Keyboard Shortcut

This article will show you how to clear Microsoft calculator using a keyboard shortcut. Hit the delete key to clear Microsoft calculator without having to use your mouse.

Use the “Delete” key to delete the last entry.

Pressing Delete leaves the rest of the calculation intact.

Now the calculation is ready for a new entry as part of the calculation instead. Hit the delete key instead of using the mouse to click the clear button each time to save time.

Use the “Escape” key to clear the full calculation.

The Escape completely clears the log and the full equation.

You’ll do this when you want to start a brand new calculation.

Use the “Backspace” key to remove just the last number.

Backspace is helpful to fix quick typing mistakes.

Use the backspace key to take out just one number to the left of the last number you are about to type.


  • This will allow you to do multiple different calculations without having to switch to your mouse to clear the calculator.

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