How to Set Up the Voicemail on ZTE Avid

The Avid, or Avid 4G, is one of the smartphones released by ZTE in the last quarter of 2012. It features a 4-inch capacitive touchscreen display, dual core processor, and supports 4G or LTE network connectivity. Since the ZTE Avid runs on the Android operating system, setting up its basic call and messaging features is very easy and pretty much done the same as with other Android phones from other producers.


Access your phone’s dialer.

Press the Phone icon on your device’s home screen. This will display your phone’s on-screen keypad, the one you use to dial a number to make a call.

Open the Call options.

Press the Menu Soft Key (three horizontal bars icon) at the lower-right corner on the face of the phone just below the screen to access the Call options.

Start configuring the voicemail feature.

Tap “Voicemail Settings” from the pop-up option to go to the configuration section of the voicemail feature.

Designate a voicemail number.

Tap “Voicemail Number” from the listed options, and type in the designated voicemail number from your carrier.

  • To get your network carrier’s voicemail number, you can check the user’s manual that came with the SIM card or call its customer service department.
  • Note that the voicemail number varies from one carrier to another.

Save the new settings.

Press “OK” once you’re done to save the settings and complete setting up the voicemail in your ZTE Avid.

  • Now, whenever you are unable to answer your phone, the call will be diverted to your voicemail, which you can access afterwards.


  • The voicemail service is generally free of charge for certain mobile carriers, though some require an extra fee. Call your carrier’s customer service department to verify the terms and conditions that apply on the use of this feature.
  • You can customize the message greeting used on your voicemail. Check with your network carrier how you can use your own voice recording as your number’s voicemail greeting. Each carrier (local or international) has its own way to customize the message greeting.

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