How to Access Sky Voicemail

Sky Voicemail allows you to receive messages from incoming callers if you are away from your phone or on the other line. Through this service, you can access your voice mailbox not only through your main phone, but from another device (e.g., cell phone). By setting up access to Sky Voicemail, you can listen to messages on your home phone without having to be at the house.

Check Sky Voicemail from Main Phone

Access your mailbox.

Pick up your phone and listen to the dial tone. A stuttering dial tone signals that you have new messages. Dial 1571.

Listen to your messages.

Once you dial 1571 an automated voice will inform you of your new messages. Follow the instructions to listen to your messages.

Manage messages.

After listening to a message, you will be asked if you want to return the call, save the message, or delete it. Simply follow the voice instructions to do so.

  • If you chose to save the message, just dial 1571 to listen to it at any time.

Check Sky Voicemail from another Phone

Dial the main phone number.

Access your mailbox.

Stay on the phone until you’ve reached your voicemail. Press star (*) on your keypad, and when prompted, enter your PIN.

Access new messages.

Follow the instructions given by the automatic machine to listen to your new messages.

Manage messages.

Follow instructions to either return the call, save the message, or delete the message.

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