How to Remove a Popsocket

Popsockets are one of many trendy items to hit the scene, and for good reason. If you own one, you know how fun it is to use! Once attached to your phone or tablet, you can fiddle with the top of a popsocket by pulling it in and out. However, you may eventually want to remove your popsocket and stick it somewhere else. Doing this is very easy. All you have to do is slide your fingernails underneath the base and tug lightly.

Removing the Popsocket

Push the top of the popsocket down if it’s expanded.

Don’t try to remove the popsocket from your device while it is still expanded. The popsocket could potentially detach from its base during the removal process.

Work your fingernails under the base of the popsocket.

Press your fingernails against the sides of the popsocket’s base and push until you can feel them sliding underneath. You don’t need to push very far—just enough until you have a good grasp on the popsocket. You should already be able to feel the base of the popsocket pulling away from your phone.

  • Slide a few inches of dental floss under your popsocket if your fingernails won’t fit under the base.

Pull the popsocket off of your phone slowly.

Grip the popsocket lightly as you pull. Work slowly and gently until the popsocket comes off. Try peeling the popsocket off, starting from one side and pulling toward the other.

Cleaning and Reattaching Popsockets

Run the base of the popsocket under cold water for 3 seconds.

Your popsocket is small and already very sticky, so you won’t need a lot of water to clean it and help it restick. Too much water could lengthen its drying time past the 15 minute limit and ruin its stickiness.

Let the popsocket dry for around 10 minutes.

Leave your popsocket out in the open air to dry naturally. Lay it on a paper or cloth towel with the sticky side facing up.

  • Avoid letting your popsocket sit out for any longer than 15 minutes. Otherwise, it will lose its ability to stick.
  • If your popsocket still isn’t dry after 10 minutes, wipe the base gently with a paper towel.

Stick the popsocket back onto your phone or another flat surface.

Any clean, flat surface will do. However, keep in mind that a popsocket may not stick as well to surfaces made from leather or silicone, or waterproof surfaces. Mirrors, windows, tablets, and smartphones are the best surfaces to attach a popsocket to.

  • Let your popsocket rest for around 1 hour before expanding or closing it. This will give it enough time to fully adhere to your phone again.


  • Don’t worry about aligning the graphic on top of your popsocket as you reposition it. You can fix the graphic’s positioning by twisting the top of the popsocket once you reattach it.
  • If your nails aren’t long enough or if you’re worried about them breaking, use a paper clip or safety pin.

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