How to Open DGN Files in AutoCAD on PC or Mac

This minHour teaches you how to open a DGN file in AutoCAD. DGN is the native file format used in MicroStation and Intergraph's IGDS CAD programs. AutoCAD allows you to import DGN files by converting them to DWG files, which are the standard file type for AutoCAD files.


Open AutoCAD.

It’s the app that has an icon with a red capital “A”.

Click A ⏷.

It’s the button with a red capital “A” in the top-left corner. This will open a drop-down menu.

Hover the mouse over Open.

It’s the second option at the top of the Application menu. It’s next to an image of an open folder. This will expand another drop-down menu to the right.

Click DGN.

It’s at the bottom of the menu next to the image of a piece of paper with a blue arrow. This will open a new window to select your file.

Select the DGN file.

Use the browse window to navigate to a DGN file and select it.

Click Open.

It’s located in the lower-right corner of the browse menu. This will open up an import settings window.

Select a design model and conversion options.

Select a design model from the box on the left and select any other import options you would like, such as choosing a Mapping Setup, or altering the Layer, Linetype, Lineweight, or Color options.

Click Ok.

This will open the DGN file in AutoCAD after converting it to the DWG format.

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