How to Get Sound on Reddit Videos: Mobile App & Computer

Are videos on Reddit playing without sound? While Reddit disables sound on videos that automatically play, it's easy to turn sound back on. If videos tagged as NSFW or that contain adult content stay muted on the mobile app, there's an easy workaround to get sound on those videos. This minHour article will guide you through how to get sound on Reddit videos using your phone, tablet, or computer.

Turning On Sound

Launch Reddit.

Go to or open the Reddit mobile app.

Go to a video that you want to watch.

If you’re using the mobile app, this will only work if the video is not labeled NSFW or doesn’t contain adult content.

Click or tap the video to make it larger.

It should fill the screen or open the thread in a web browser and start playing without sound.

Click or tap the speaker icon.

This icon looks like a speaker with an next to it in the lower right corner of the video.

  • If the video does not have an audio track, you won’t see this icon.
  • To mute the video, tap this icon again.

Watching NSFW Content on the Mobile App

Log into your account at in a desktop web browser.

You’ll have to use a web browser first before you can use the mobile app.

Click the  icon and click User Settings.

This downward-pointing arrow will drop a menu that lists at the bottom of the first section.

Click the Feed Settings tab.

You’ll see this in a row of section headers close to the top of the page with Account, Profile, and Safety & Privacy.

Click the switch to the right of “Adult content” so it’s toggled on.

Once the switch is colored and pointing to the right, you’ll be able to see both adult and content tagged as NSFW in your feed and in your search results.

Download and install Apollo (iPhones/iPads) or Sync (Androids).

The Apollo for Reddit or Sync for Reddit apps are workarounds since the main Reddit app will not play audio for videos in NSFW communities. Both of these apps are Reddit viewers with high ratings, downloads, and popularity.

  • The Apollo for Reddit app is available only for iOS devices on the App Store.
  • Sync for Reddit is only available for Androids from the Google Play Store.

Open Apollo (iPhone/iPad) or Sync (Android) and sign in.

You’ll need to sign in with the same Reddit account that you used to enable adult content in a web browser.

  • If Apollo or Sync asks permission to access your Reddit account, make sure you allow it before continuing.

Navigate to a video that you want to watch and listen to.

In the third-party app like Apollo or Sync that’s also connected to your Reddit account, go to the video you couldn’t hear before.

Tap the speaker icon (if necessary).

The video might play audio immediately, making it unnecessary for you to tap the speaker icon. However, if you can’t hear anything, you’ll need to unmute the video first.


  • Turn off Silent Mode on your iPhone. If you’ve tried numerous fixes to get your Reddit mobile app to play audio, like tapping the speaker icon on the video, but still can’t hear anything, disable Silent Mode.

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