How to Log Into Ultipro

This minHour teaches you how to sign in to your Ultipro account. Ultipro is a human resources software that helps companies with tasks such as leave/PTO requests, payroll, and tax management.

Using a Computer

Go to in a web browser.

This can be any browser on a computer, phone, or tablet.

Enter your username and password.

These are the credentials assigned to you by your workplace.

  • Click Forgot your password? if you need to recover a lost password.

Click Log In.

This will log you into your UltiPro dashboard.

  • If you are having issues logging in, it’s possible that you are not able to access the Ultipro desktop version at home. Check with your employer for assistance.

Using the Mobile App

Open the App Store or Play Store on your phone or tablet.

You’ll find the App Store on your iPhone or iPad’s home screen, and the Play Store in your Android’s app drawer.

Search for Ultipro.

Type in ultipro into the search bar (tap the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen first if you’re using an iPhone or iPad), and then tap the app to see its details.

  • If you cannot find the app, you may be on an older software version that is unsupported. Ultipro requires iOS 10 or later and Android 5 or later.

Tap +Get or Install.

The app will start downloading in the background.

Launch Ultipro.

Look for a green and teal icon with a person and a “U” on your home screen or app menu.

Enter your company access code and tap Continue.

This is a code unique to your company. If you do not know this code, contact your employer.

Follow the on-screen instructions to log in.

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