How to Email to a Cell Phone

This minHour teaches you how to send an email from your computer as a text message to a phone number. You can do this by entering your recipient's phone number and their carrier's email code in the "To" text field of your email service and then typing in a message. Keep in mind that most carriers only support email texts of 160 characters or fewer, and most carriers don't support image texts.

Finding the Address

Open the Email2SMS website.

Go to in your computer’s web browser. You’ll use this site to determine the carrier email code to use at the end of the recipient’s email address.

Scroll down to the “Search the list” section.

You’ll find this near the top of the page.

Click the “Country” drop-down box.

It’s on the left side of the “Search the list” section.

Select your country.

Scroll down until you find your country’s name, then click the name to select it.

Click the “Carrier” text box.

It’s to the right of the “Country” text box.

Enter a carrier name.

Type in the name of your recipient’s carrier.

  • For example, if your recipient uses a Sprint phone, you’d type in sprint here.
  • There’s no need to capitalize the carrier’s name, but you do need to use punctuation and proper spelling (e.g., type in t-mobile instead of tmobile).

Review the “Gateway” result.

The address in the “number@address” section is the address you’ll need to use when entering your recipient’s address.

  • You may have to scroll down to see the “Gateway” result.
  • In some cases, you’ll see several different options which pertain to subcategories of a carrier. These options will usually all have the same address.

Sending the Message

Open your email program or website.

You can send email messages to cell phones using most email apps or sites, like Outlook, Gmail, or Yahoo.

Open a new email message.

Click the , , or icon to do so. A new message window or page should pop up.

Address the recipient in the “To:” field.

Type their mobile phone number without the country code or any punctuation followed by the carrier’s mobile email domain.

  • For example, to email the U.S. number (123) 456-7890 using Verizon, you would address the message to
  • You can add a subject in the “Subject” line, but doing so is unnecessary, and may not be supported by your recipient’s carrier.

Enter your message.

In the main text area of the message window, type in the text message that you want to send.

  • Remember, this must be at or below 160 characters in length.

Send the message.

Click the or icon to do so. Your recipient should receive your email message after a few moments in their messaging app.

  • If you send more than 160 characters at once, some carriers will deliver the message as two or more separate messages, while other carriers simply won’t deliver any text after the 160th character.


  • Keep the message short. Even if your recipient can receive multiple texts should you exceed the 160-character limit, they’ll likely be charged for each text separately if they don’t have unlimited texting.


  • Most carriers don’t support MMS texts (e.g., images, long text, or emoji) from email.

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