How to Easily Shrink the Size of a Digital Photo Using IrfanView

Shrinking a digital photo involves reducing its dimensions and/or resolution. This can be accomplished quite easily by using IrfanView, the leading freeware image editor.

On Unix/Linux platforms, use the free software image manipulation utilities from ImageMagick.


Download and install IrfanView.

Run IrfanView.

Click .

Browse to the photo you wish to shrink.

Left-click the name of the photo to select it.

Click the Open button.

The photo will appear in the IrfanView window.

To reduce the dimensions of the photo, click Image > Resize/Resample.

Select the options you prefer and click OK.

To reduce the quality of a .JPG image without changing its dimensions, click File > Save As and select JPG – JPEG Files from the drop-down list.

Click the button and use the slide bar to select a lower image quality. This will reduce the disk space used by the photo.

After altering the image, click File > Save As and select a new file name.

Click the button to create the new image.


  • Images over 500 pixels wide will be truncated in wikiHow, thumbs next to text should be 250 pixels wide
  • If you reduce the quality of an image too drastically, simply re-open the original image and try again. This time, save it at a higher quality. You may have to experiment a bit to find an acceptable compromise.
  • If you use a type of digital camera that uses a proprietary picture format, such as RAW or NEF, you will need the add-ins file for IrfanView.


  • IrfanView is free for “non-commercial use only.”
  • IrfanView is not available for Macs.

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