How to Customize Your System Setup for DraftSight

When you first open DraftSight, you may see that it doesn't look the way you expect, or want it, to look. This article will help you fix that.


Open up DraftSight and get a feel for the current layout.

Click on Tools >> Options >> System Options >> Display >> Element Colors >> Model Background.

Change it to the color you want.

Change up your pointer.

Since a CAD program is a pretty precise type of software, try changing it to crosshairs. Go to Tools >> Options >> Graphic Display and click on ‘Display cursor as crosshair’. To make it fill your screen, change the pointer size to 100 as in the screenshot.

Change the Selection box size.

This will help those whose vision isn’t what it used to be to continue working. Click on Tools >> Options >> User Preferences >> Drafting Options >> Entity Selection >> Selection Settings >> SelectionBox size and change the size of your selection box.

Change your default Command Prompt (a colon) that is at the bottom of your screen.

Go to Tools >> Options >> System Options >> Display >> Command window text and make the changes. Here, the font is changed, a bit larger and the text ‘ will be displayed. Look at the Command window to see the difference.

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