How to Build a Digital Library in Windows

Building a digital library can be quite a wonderful activity that can lead to a disastrous mess. After purchasing many online books, mp3's, movies, and downloading pictures from the many sites available, you can find yourself swarmed with too much information with nowhere to find any of it. What do you do?

Instructions for Windows

To begin, have an understanding that you are about to build you very own digital library and as in all libraries, some form of organization needs to be set.

Open your file explorer and navigate to the libraries sections.

Select “New Library” and rename your new library “Books”.

Double click your new Library and select the “Include a folder” tab.

A window will pop up.

Select the “New folder” tab and rename this folder “My Books”. Select your new “Books” folder and click Select “Include a folder”.

  • You now have a library for pictures, Videos, Documents, Music, and Books.

Now that you have a library for all the categories needed, each time you download a new item, select the matching library for the format you downloaded and assign this new item into a new folder labeled its sub category.

For example, if you download an epub: create a new folder in the Books library and name it “epub”. If you download a PDF book, create a new folder and name it “pdf’s” and create a sub category like “Romance”,”Instructions”, or “Horror” etc. Another example is if you save a word document, create a new folder in the documents library and name it its category like “Homework” or “Legal Document” or “Letters” etc.

Repeat the process for each new download that you acquire making sure that you put it in the correct library and its corresponding folder that you create.

By assigning different categories within each library, you stand a chance in acquiring any information you need at a later time.


  • By using the method explained above, you can quickly access your items by using the navigation section on the left hand side of the windows explorer and selecting the correct library.
  • You can save as and use the method explained above to quickly find the location where you want to save your item.
  • If you download and forget to save the item, don’t worry about not finding it because it will usually be in the “downloads” sections that you can also find on the left hand side of the file explorer. Then when you find the download, just right click and cut (or highlight it and press ctrl x), then navigate to the folder you wish you to put it in and paste it (ctrl v) inside.


  • When you paste an item inside a folder, do not have any folder highlighted that you don’t want to paste the item into otherwise windows will paste it inside that folder. Sometimes you have to click on the edge of the window so that nothing is highlighted so that it doesn’t paste outside your current folder.

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